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7 Ways to Spice up Your Black Dress with Pearls


Pearls are one of the oldest and the most precious gemstones to be discovered in the human history. Pearls have a lot to say when it comes to the evolution of fashion industry throughout the years.

When it comes to the history of pearls, many of us have viewed these gem pieces as a symbol of wealth and high status. In the beginning, you would only find royal families to flaunt pearls necklaces and bracelets. That is why, other than the exquisite beauty of pearls, their wearers are also one of the biggest reasons behind their consistent popularity for many years.

Pearls were owned by those with a high social standing but after Kokicho Mikimoto developed a process to culture pearls on his own, the limit began to expand. Many farms that specialized in culturing pearls began to open up in Japan, selling millions of pearls a years and thus making them accessible to the common people around the world.

However, despite pearls being available to almost anyone, the fact stands to this day that pearls are an iconic symbol for high social status and sophistication. This fact alone determines just how timeless these spherical pieces are.

Pearls are one of the core features that have boosted the influence coming from the fashion industry. You can always see women wearing pearls to amplify the elegance and sophistication of their beautiful statement dresses. Pearls further contributed to the fame of the top personalities in the fashion industry when it was seen being worn by influential people. Especially, French fashion designer and businesswoman Coco Chanel displayed it in the most emphatic way when she wore strands of pearls around her shoulder. Even Audrey Hepburn amplified high class status by wearing an evening gown, opera gloves and four strands of pearls intertwined with a pendant in “Breakfast with Tiffany”. She was able to portray an iconic representation of how pearls perfectly execute the grace and beauty in a women’s fashion appeal.

Due to that very reason, a black dress aligned with Pearls Necklace by Pearls of Joy is just what every woman wants to add style to her fashion code. Furthermore, pearls were usually only worn on formal occasions such as weddings or funerals as they portrayed simplicity in the appearance. But as the popularity of pearls continues to grow, it has gone on to branching out into many ways pearls can be worn on occasions other than formal events.

In our modern society, pearls are worn to match any attire for any occasion, be it formal or casual. You can use pearls to give your dress that elegant and chick look. But in order to achieve that unmatched style, you must know how to wear pearls the right way.

If you don’t know how to wear your pearls on a black dress, you are bound to mess up your look without knowing it. Even a small amount of these spherical masses are so precious, which is why if you aren’t careful enough, you might end up ruining the balance of your dress by wearing too many or too little pearls for the occasion.

However, if you are reading this and realizing you have no clue what kind of pearls you should wear with your favorite black dress hanging in your wardrobe, rest assured because we have got you covered.

This article will make you aware of some of the ways you can use to look stunning in your black dress with the right pearls and the proper amount of it for any event.

  1. Pearl Earrings

Let’s begin with the classical pearl earring, which is an important jewelry accessory that is not only timeless but is also the most worn pearl related jewelry of them all.

There are a lot of great things about wearing pearl earrings. One, they can be worn on any occasion whether you are meeting up with a relative, going for work or having fun at a cocktail party with your friends etc. Two, pearl earrings can look good on you no matter the age and because these pieces are so versatile, you can find a variety of them that will highlight your skin tone and face structure. Three, they can last a lifetime so investing in a pair of pearl of earrings will be worth your money in the long run.

Another important reason to own pearl earrings is that this accessory comes in all sizes and shapes with different kinds of styles. There are pearl drop earrings, pearl stud earrings and chandelier earrings which are popular among the womenfolk worldwide. All you need to know is a proper way to match it with your fashion code to look flawless at any event you go. For example, stud earrings can be the perfect choice with a T-Shirt and jeans. Pearl drop earrings are the most adaptable option to any event as they have a simplistic yet elegant appeal whether you wear a casual black dress or an evening gown.

  • Pearl Pendants

Pearl necklaces have this great ability to add class and style to a beautiful neckline. But with a modern twist to that framework, a pendant spices up the appeal even to a higher degree.

As we mentioned before, pearl necklaces have always been a common sight since old ages. They go about their job perfectly by amplifying one’s beauty and social standing but because of the use of the same styled pearl necklace, there is not much awe shown at the piece itself. However, when you use the pearls to convert it into a pendant, it doesn’t only upgrade the look of the necklace. In fact, it ends up adding variety to a number of options to help you in creating a combination of pearls necklaces as shown in the picture above. This way pearls showcase your sense of style and individuality at an unprecedented level.

When wearing a pearl pendant, there are a few things you should be careful of, such as the fact that a pendant focuses most of the audience’s attention towards itself. That is why you should make sure that the chain attached to the pendant can support its weight or else it will be embarrassing if all the pearls fall because of a weak chain. Also, make sure to match it according to what you wear because no matter how good your dress looks, if it doesn’t mesh well with your pendant, the attention you will get will be the opposite of what you were aiming for.

  • Statement Pearl Dress

Wear pearls as a piece of jewelry to work alongside your dress choice is not the only choice you have. The global fashion industry always finds a way to experiment with the old products with new style ideas.

After the fashion industry tried coming up with many necklaces that they believed would look exquisite with black dresses, they decided to go a step forward with their idea. This time they used pearls within the dress itself.

Backless dresses with pearls aligned across the borders can make anyone look seductive and glamorous at the same time. It even emits this hint of royalty so you can pretty much feel the best you ever have when you have this kind of pearl-embedded backless dress on.

Another famous example can be of a pearl embellished shoulder dress. We all have dresses that show a little skin from your shoulders. In order to make them look alluring, dresses with pearls sewn across its edges has gotten massive positive outcomes. You can wear them for a casual event and get yourself looking sexy and chic at all times.

  • Multistring Necklaces

There come certain occasions where an excessive use of pearls in necklaces can look good. However, you just can’t apply the same on every event you attend. When not worn for the right occasion, they can be over bearing and make you appear over the top instead of looking elegant.

It is important to balance out the amount of pearls in the necklace, especially when you wear it with a black dress. When dealing with a dress that has a lower neckline, wear a short strand of pearl necklace to avoid attracting too much attention to that area. For dresses with a higher neckline, wear a longer strand of pearl necklace. You can even use more than one pearl necklaces in an ascending order with the smaller strand starting from the neckline and getting bigger as it reaches further down your neck.

Furthermore, your choices aren’t limited to only using pearl necklaces for the loops around your neckline. You can mix together other kinds of necklaces such as the bead ones to add a different look to your overall style. And when it comes to black dresses, make sure the bead colors are on a lighter side so that they can highlight your neckline in the best angles.

  • Pearl Color Combinations

One of the best things about pearls is the fact that there are so many shades of color these pearls can have, which makes it easier to wear different kinds of pearl-related jewelry frequently.

One of the most important things to keep in mind, to look undeniably good in pearls, is making sure that you choose the right color for the clothes you wish to wear them with.

Fresh water pearls have a wide range of natural colors such as lavender, cream, pink, and orange. They are mostly preferred to be worn on a casual attire as they don’t tip the balance of making your day-to-day look over bearing or too much for the occasion.

For black or any other dark colored dress, it’s best to opt for light colors that can contrast according to the darker tones of the dress. For that purpose, you should opt for pastel colors found in Akoya pearls that can be found in white, rose, ivory, pink and cream colors.

  • Pearl Accessories

Necklaces and earrings aren’t the only ways you can flaunt an alluring appeal through the pearls. Wearing them on other parts of your body can make you look even better when you experiment around with it enough.

Pearls are captivating to a majority of people but not everyone wants to go out with a pearl necklace weighing on their neck every day. For those kinds of people, a minimalistic approach will be much more acceptable. They can wear pearl rings or even pearl bracelets to highlight the structure of their wrist and fingers. White pearls can appear traditional but for a modern look, we suggest that black pearls are your best bet.

Chokers, which are gaining popularity in society, can be worn with black pearls attached to their designs for a beach party or any other social event. They are great for casual wear and can look exquisite on a black dress as well.

Pearl-studded head pieces such as the mermaid crown are also a great way to accentuate the beauty of your face frame from the top. It emits a delicate and precious appeal, making your appearance skyrocket the moment you put these head pieces on.  

  • Fancy Pearl Shoes

We have talked about how pearls can look so much better when they are displayed across different parts of the body. It makes sense that the only place left to experiment are the feet-and sure enough, we weren’t led to disappointing results in that department as well.

Everyone loves wearing fancy shoes, especially heels. And what better way to add the sophistication to these footwear than by adding a touch of pearly aspects to their design?

Usually, you would see the bride wearing heels with pearls embedded in them. But now other shoe companies have been inspired by the design and have made some of their own creations in the process. Shoes with straps of pearls and soles with pearls of different sizes imbedded in them are some of the few masterpieces over the years- and the many more to come aren’t that far behind either!

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