7 Ways to Stay Healthy During Long Work Days


Exercising may not be a top priority if you work a 9-to-5 job or have children and family members to care for. Trying to find a moment when you can go to the gym and do some squats can be exhausting in and of itself. However, there are simple methods to incorporate exercise into your daily routine. Here are some suggestions for staying active while juggling a hectic schedule.

1. Stay Nourished

The first step of becoming more active, whether in small bursts at work or a full gym session, is to maintain proper nutrition. Eating balanced, protein-rich, low-calorie meals will give you the fuel you need to not only work but work out. 

Supplements are another good way to stay nourished when working long days and maybe not eating so much. Try a multi-vitamin or search for "what is Thrive" to help meet your daily needs. 

2. Use a Standing Desk


The terms "stand up desk," "standing desk," and "adjustable desk" are all used to describe the same object. You'll notice an improvement in your posture and circulation if you work at your desk while standing, which will help to reduce the effects of sitting. It may take some time to work up to a full day of standing, but even half a day is beneficial. Make sure you have a desk that can be changed to a regular desk height if you become tired of it.

3. Take Meetings Outside

Try undertaking duties at work that allow you to be active. Take your meetings outside instead of in stuffy boardrooms! Taking a call while strolling around the block, going to the gym while discussing shop, or holding a conference on the road all contribute to keeping your body moving. Not to mention that you'll be getting in your daily steps.

4. Exercise Before Work or at Lunch

Consider waking up an hour earlier if your daily routine does not allow you to go to the gym. It may take some time to adjust, but once you do, you'll notice that you're feeling better and more energized throughout the day. Even a simple 30-minute run or jog in the morning might help you start your day off well.

If you want to get more out of your lunchtimes, go to your local fitness center and take a class or go to the gym for a fast workout. You will notice a difference in your productivity and satisfaction levels even if you only have 30 - 40 minutes to spare. A lunchtime workout will re-energize you and get your blood circulating for the afternoon.

5. Do Stretches

No one will bat an eye if you do some light stretches at your desk a few times a day. Simple exercises like shoulder lifts, neck stretches, leg lifts, and so on can help you stay active at work. There are even full aerobic desk exercises you can do. 

6. Take the Stairs

Taking the stairs at work instead of taking the elevator can help you burn calories and gain muscle. Although it may not appear that you are receiving much exercise, small improvements like these can have a great effect when practiced regularly.

7. Stay Active at Home

It's tempting to simply relax on the couch and binge your shows when you get home from work. You don't have to give up your favorite TV show to stay healthy, though. A typical commercial break lasts four minutes, giving you plenty of time to do some push-ups, jumping jacks, and crunches before your show resumes. Alternatively, while on a cardio machine at the gym, binge your streaming content. Micro-workouts can be included in your favorite activities to raise your heart rate.


When working long days, it's difficult to stay active and healthy. This can have detrimental effects on your life. Incorporating the above tips into your routine can help you stay fit even when on the job.