7 Ways You Can Be A Suspect of a Fraud


You would not like to be charged with fraud or called a scammer, would you? It’ll not only harm you financially but also destroy your integrity and reputation in the market. If you are a business owner especially, you’ll have a legal advisor or a lawyer taking care of your legal matters. He’ll also advise you to be careful and take some precautionary measures whenever you contact someone and become a suspect of committing fraud. In this article, we discuss some ways in which you can minimize the chances of being suspected as a fraudster.

1. Don’t sound like an imposter

The first thing to be careful about is to sound like an imposter whenever calling or contacting any a stranger for business purposes. If you want to avoid this, you need to make sure you pass on authentic information about yourself and don’t hide important details about yourself. Imposters always try to appear as someone whom you can easily trust.

Mostly, these imposters pretend to be officials working for the government or other departments which are equally reliable and difficult not to trust and rely. But they are not able to provide you with any legitimate ID, license number, or any other validation numbers that you can get confirmed.

You need to make sure you provide every necessary information so that no one suspects you as a fraud.  You have to be double careful whenever you call someone or contacts anyone and ask for any kind of confidential information about their bank account and other precious belongings.

2. Make sure you are not on online searches for fraudsters

You must also make it a habit to keep on searching the popular and in use fraud ids, phone numbers and other information that imposters may use to trick their victims. People mostly share such information regarding the fraudsters on the internet and social media platforms. If you keep a track of such names, phone numbers, and other frequently used information, you can make sure you are not in that list by any chance. Someone can do it to take revenge or cause harm to your image due to any reason.


3. Caller ids aren’t reliable

When you talk about avoiding being a suspect of fraud, you must not trust your caller id or the number from which you are calling an unknown person. These ids and numbers can be stolen and hacked by the imposters. You must keep this thing in your mind that the other person can think of you as an imposter or a fraud if he or she thinks that your number does not look authentic. Make sure there is no loophole or weak point in any piece of information that you share with a stranger or your potential client/customer.

4. Don’t ask for any amount upfront

Whenever you or your sales representative call any potential customer and ask for some advance payment upfront, the person on the other side of the phone has no other option but to suspect you as a fraud. You can get in trouble by doing this and can be charged with the crime of fraud. attempt. Make sure you don’t rush into anything without consulting with your criminal defence lawyer or attorney.

5. Consult your attorney or lawyer before any action

Whenever you need to make contact with any stranger for business purposes be very cautious, and talk to your attorney or the lawyer. Typically speaking, the imposters and fraudsters take you by surprise and force you to make the decision on your own and in a hurry. They might use the catchphrase that if you don’t do this right now, you will not be able to avail that offer. You need to make sure that you don’t use any typical things like these because nobody will trust you.

6. Don’t make robocalls to your potential customers

One thing you need to make sure that you must not have robocalls in place to reply or call your potential customers or clients. It doesn’t give a positive impression. Most of the people believe that all the robocalls are fake and illegal and must not be taken seriously. You must not do anything that makes a client suspect your identity. 

7. Offer free trial very carefully

Another common reason why people can think of you as fraud is when you offer a free trial to your customers without any payment made. When they offer something to you and also offer a free trial for that. Be very careful in selecting the way you market your free trial offer to your customers.

The best way to avoid any chance of someone charging you with a fraud crime is to take every action after consulting your criminal defence lawyer or attorney. Your lawyer is the right person to talk to because he’ll give you the best suggestion about what to do and what not to do, to avoid any undesirable consequences.



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