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7 Winter Outerwear Trends to Look Forward to in 2021

The chilly season is now finally here!

The winter mantra- a perfect blend of fashion and trendy outerwear. Isn’t that so?

For me, winters are in short, the arrival of alluring and timeless style and fashion sense that never goes out of trend. People show up in the kinds of dresses that emit their styling sense and currently trending fashion.

The theme varying from romanticism to darkness, appealable and sexy outerwears with some extra charm and volume are all enough to draw the attention of people even without a paper and a pencil.

From the fuzzy and distressed coats to the long boots and sophisticated jackets, winter is all about fantastic fashion and comfy attires.

The norms are being incredibly pre-defined and the fashion must also move with a pace to be adapted in a new way. The fashion admirers are constantly upgrading their choice of wearable and this is leading to pick the velvet, tartan, and denim type of clothes for their winter dressing.

There are some styles of dresses to keep in mind so you can upgrade your wardrobe for the chilly season. The patchwork garments and classic textured cardigans along with turtleneck high-neck, winter fashion trends can bundle you up with style and comfort.

If you are struggling to find some trendy yet warm then keep on scrolling. I have got you a list of 7 aesthetic and classy winter outerwear trends that you must look forward to in 2021. Let’s have a look.

Cold weather leather:

Branded names in the clothing industry including House of Versace and Louis Vuitton, every brand is offering a great range cold-weather leather. This fashion is going to stay evergreen as leather is the most comfortable yet alluring material around.

You can go with the leather shirt dress and can pair it up with the turtlenecks for the chilly season. The leather pants will also give new look to your cardigans and leather jackets. Make sure to invest in the product that is a life-time use.

Puffer piece and knit sets:

Fans usually try replicating celebrity jackets and wish to style up their fashion tones accordingly. Such replicated and fashionable puffer pieces along with knitting sets are never going to turn old. For instance, the kim kardashian brown leather jacket. You can take the ideas of these styles from recent web series and movies.

To make a classy fashion-forward move, puffer jacket is the most perfect outerwear that you can have over your outfit. Keep a keen eye on the details of the puffer jacket and knit sets so you could slay around!

Conquer quilting and extreme fringing:

The conquer quilting is going to stay for so long- these dispersed across jackets, skirts and shirts will continue to be loved by the show-stoppers and fashionistas. You can also pick the option of tailored silhouettes in subtle colors.

The extreme fringing is also in fashion and will keep on trending in the upcoming year. It looks aesthetic and simply amazing to flaunt the long jacket styled with extremely long fringes.

Velvet underground:

The 2021 fashion trends also included the velvet underground- one of the most beloved fabrics of winters. Also, velvet is now on the forefront for coats and jackets accompanied with long sleeves, or ankle-grazing dressing.

The off-shoulder velvet dresses are also the top choice for the upcoming year and will stay in trend for so long as they are simply romantic and sensual. You can also the velvet separates with kitten heels or velvet wide-leg pants and classy boots.

Color blocking and checks statements:

Color blocking style is another groundbreaking trendy clothing style in today’s world. No-one can comment that the contrast of orange and green or red and purple looks yuck. Make it a complete pop and throw some bright colors together to create your own color block statement.

The vast varieties of geometry-hypnotic checks are also trending on top. You can make a lasting impression over everyone with the small boxes designed on your dress. These checkerboard prints are now everyone’s since the arrival of “The Queen’s Gambit”- Netflix series.

Get ready in Denim:

Gear up in all good to go with an all-rounder fabric for every season- Denim. This fabric is the one for which people usually go nuts! It would never be turning old due to its comfortability and classic designs.

Denim is one of the key fabrications for the year ahead and it would be moving from the casual towards the formal very soon. You can also check wilsonsdenim for the best denim, hoodies, and jeans for casual wear. These fashion trends would be staying on the top for very long undoubtedly!

Lug Chelsea Boot:

Lug Chelsea Boot is the shoe that is a must to have in the winter season as they are highly comfortable and functional. These boots are the perfect concoction of style and ease altogether and you won’t feel irritated or extreme fit.

Fashion and function together sounds like a dream come true! Lug Chelsea Boot is transforming a dream into reality and you can have excellent footwear that you can carry throughout the winters! With the various designs from the sole of the shoe to the heels, these boots are highly recommended to have in winters.


The aforementioned 7 winter outerwear trends are highly recommended to look forward to in 2021. The fashion freaks must keep all of these outerwears on the top of their next shopping list as they are the best trendy and stylish jackets to be worn in any season! Have happy and stylish winters!

Michael Hussey
Michael Hussey
Michael Hussey is a digital marketer and blogger. He writes about motivation, education, and personal development, mostly about career help. He hopes to make a good difference in the lives of people by sharing society related relevant stories and blogs also by his personal journey.
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