7966 - Happy employees lead to a successful business


Poor job satisfaction leads to a high employee or staff turnover rate. It never looks good when recruiting new staff and your business is constantly losing and employing new staff. Arranging the order of your priorities to fit the employees’needs, gives your company more advantages than disadvantages. I’m not suggesting that you change the entire structure of your business; it’s the little modifications that count the most.

There are many reasons why an employee would want to leave a company.Four of the most common causes are instability, communication, growth opportunities, and being overworked.

Organizational instability

Low turnover at the senior levels of the organization reduces confusion when staff report to a specific person. Staff tends to feel the business is directionless when senior management is shuffled around too much. Presentingconsistency and low turnover start with having skilled leaders with confidence at top-level management.




Notify your team about any changes in the origination that pertain to them. The reasons for change should be specific and clearly explained. Give them a chance to ask questions about new procedures, they have to be able to ask questions. If there are any communication gaps, recognize them, and solve the problem immediately. Where training is needed, provide training.

Growth opportunities aren’t available

You will find that some employees are comfortable in a certain position and they wouldn’t mind staying there, forever. On the other hand, there are employees that are driven and have certain goals they would like to achieve in their careers. Talent can be lost when there’s no growth opportunity presented. People tend to ‘job hop’ between companies to achieve their goals.
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Employees who see room for growth tend to stay with one company for a longer period of time.


Being overworked

Giving an employee more work than he/she can handle lowers productivity and tasks become overwhelming.It can cause depression and may lead to serious health issues. Be sure to distribute work evenly. There is always that one employee you can rely on to do any job, but overworking that a person could ultimately mean losing your star worker.


So how do you keep your workers happy?

Take an interest in your staff

You will find it easier to assess a situation when productivity levels drop in a highly productive employee that suddenly seems stuck in one place. Find new ideas for employee appreciation. Recognize and reward them. It is a proven fact that, praising someone for a job well done motivates them to work even harder


Create an inspiring workplace

According to a 2011 study from Ohio State University and the National Institute of Mental Health, your work environment seriously impacts your mood. Create a comfortable atmosphere. Decorate a space outside of the office with modern planters for your patio, some eco-friendly plants and appropriate seating where they will feel comfortable to take a break when needed. This will most definitely motivate them and make your employee wants to come back the next day

Express gratitude

Displaying gratitude has the effect of creating a calm, safe the environment in the brain, which allows your prefrontal cortex to operate at a much higher capacity. Send an email congratulating them for a job well done. Celebrate birthdays and other achievements. 

Be a leader instead of a manager

Leaders focus on vision, strategy, guiding, and removing obstacles for their teams, whereas managers focus more on control. Leaders show the ability to motivate and influence people and managers have people merely work for them. 


Benefits of having a happy employee outweigh having a negative and agitated individual in the office. When an employee feels appreciated it is easier to build trust, it creates relationships and it boosts self-esteem. A happy employee’ leads to a happy boss and this in turn leads to a successful business.

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