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8 Amazing Applications of Digital Signage Technology in Cinemas

“Gone are the days of static signboards & canvas movie posters…. Welcome digital signage”

Cinema houses and multiplexes today are leveraging digital signage technology to a great extent, thus making a huge impact on moviegoers, employees, operating staff and overall customer engagement. Interaction. From super crisp and spectacular graphics to highly interactive and dynamic content widgets, cinemas today offer promising visuals and a glut of information through signage screens.

Imagine something as simple as a movie poster, when digitised, communicates deep whereas advanced signage screens further let you purchase tickets, choose preferable seats and do much more with touchscreen tech. With so many possibilities and amazing features, let’s have a look at used cases of digital signage in cinemas and best approaches as taken by professional signage company in Dubai.

  1. Awareness & Promotion

There was a time when movie enthusiasts and customers had to wait in a longer queue for the tickets before the premiere, at the food counter for popcorn and drinks and so on. To make the most of this time and keep the audience engaged, installing signage screens with automatic shuffling of movie posters, direct customer interaction with touchscreen tech, QR code scanning for more immersive and impressive features has proven to be a huge success to level up the overall cinema experience.

  1. Engage through social media

Social media widgets and integration into the signage screens is a great way to develop a digital wall for buzzing or prompting visitors around the event and movies about important updates. Social media integration to digital signage further allows users to add live feed which raises excitement as viewers can tweet and post live of their experience about the movie, cinema, place, seating, food and so much more.

Multiplexes that are already using digital signage tech experienced a significant rise in the brand value when compared against those that aren’t. That said, auto content generation features in signage technology further reduces legwork for customers and as they don’t need to manually input everything.

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  1. Value-added Commercials

Using digital signage, displaying multiple media/content simultaneously further lifts-up the digital tech infrastructure while adding value to the communication strategy. Cinema house managers nowadays are leveraging the digital signage feature at its fullest thus communicating more than just the movies such as news headlines, weather alerts, prompt customers about discounts and concessions and so on. All such information when incorporated to the signage screen raises customer interest and boosts the movie experience. 

  1. Sponsor Events & Increase Participation

Managers in multiplexes can sponsor events and increase audience participation through automated event listings, using digital screens. Combining signage CMS and content widgets allow information to be drawn directly from cloud-based software solutions and calendars. As soon as the calendar is updated, so does the signage display thus customising events and movie listings with relevant images, branding, texts and so on while maintaining consistency altogether. 

image003 3c45d235-BMH

  1. Traffic & Road Condition

Cinema managers can further put digital signage tech to the best use by communicating traffic and road conditions near the cinema as well as from different routes. It’ll allow easy travel to and from the theatres without missing their favourite shows. Information on road closures, nearby construction, traffic delays and so on is surely to add value for the cinema while making it convenient for users to base their decision in advance.

  1. Business Sales Boost/Revenue Generation

Creative images and animation with dynamic videos when displayed on the digital menu board is sure to bring more sales at the concession stands.

That said, digital menu boards are mostly used by businesses to accelerate sluggish and slow-moving items as well as ingeniously promote combos. Display information can be updated in real-time using cloud-based CMS that can be for the movies, at the food counter and other places within the cinema house lobby.

These ads and promos can be distributed across the digital signage network, other than the digital boards alone. Further adding QR code scan give customers real-time updated information and even let them avail amazing discounts and upgraded seating at the premiere.

  1. Better Communication

To ensure smooth employee communication, coordination and management of the theatre, digital signage screens are further put to good use. These are deployed in the office/operation units for HR protocols, updates on the industry, administrative info, news coverage, competitor market insight and so on for on-premise updated information. Most of the cinema workers today are millennials for whom digital tech is always prioritised over static posters and so on. Communication and interaction through digital signage ensures all information is being conveyed in the best way.

  image004 1271c919-BMH

  1. Performance Measurement

Visualising performance metrics and employee goals can be done through digital signages in cinemas. Custom software, when embedded into the signage screens, can convert raw data into interactive graphs and measurement charts for easy comparison and evaluation. Take for instance sales numbers and statistics in CSV/XLS format which is then processed for conversion into bar and pie charts, graphs so on thus making it easier for workers to compare and process information in the best manner.

Looking at the details and benefits as listed above, it’s quite obvious that digital signage technology boosts up value for cinema staff as well as customers in an endless way. It further drives up potential for moviegoers in terms of driving sales, increasing profit generation and expanding business while putting the tech at its best and exploring more creative possibilities.

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