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8 Best Apps for Smart Farmers

Agri-tech has come a long way in creating innovative techniques for farmers. The digitized transformation through satellite mapping, weather forecasts, drones, robotic harvesters, and AI have led to reformative food production en masse for the global population. Farmers, they sure have a knack for technology, which enables them to keep up with the pace of agri-economy and technology.

Let’s go through this list of apps preferred and recommended by farmers.

1. Grower’s Edge

It is a handy tool to have in agriculture, as it provides insights into cash prices for agri-stocks, quotes, and commentaries from the market, news and weather forecasts besides many other agriculture-related highlights.

2. FarmLogs

Its functionality uses the ‘more is more’ approach whereby farmers get to make maximum use of the app by logging in detailed information about their fields. This app lets a user make track lists, monitor rainfall history, plan and invest as per season, jot down product info in inventories, etc.

3. Weed ID

The above name features in three apps which sure help a farmer get rid of pesky weeds from his field by roping in the best herbicide that prevents crop loss. BASF Weed ID app, Monsanto’s Weed ID app and the University of Missouri’s ID Weeds app are three useful anti-weed apps that help a user come up with the best remedy for unwanted herbs.

4. Climate Basic

Climate Corporation’s CEO believes that mathematics, probability, and statistics in agriculture are very crucial for infallible outputs. This app helps a farmer monitor weather over the present and future durations with recommendations and alerts. Field-level details like soil and crop growth can be logged in, and inventories can be made which enables the app to analyze the data and make recommendations which in turn allows the farmer to make decisions.

5. Farm Futures

This app comes from the makers of Farm Futures magazine. In this app, users can straightforwardly access top industry news, agriculture-related audio podcasts, commentaries, and future quotes.

6. TractorHouse

To find your required agriculture machine flat out and fast, users can download this app. This app allows you to go through thousands of machine listings which can be filtered on the basis of location or price.

7. Encirca View

Enrica View users can log on-field observations which are then automatically geotagged to get better commentaries and solutions. After this app is paired with the Encirca view website, users can access ‘Community View,’ which shows all the assimilated data from Encirca users.

8. AgWeb

You can do a lot using this app- like get market news and listen to the radio or get weather reports. Users can sign up on Commodity Update and get free market quotes, listen to top radio shows from AgriTalk and Market Rally.

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