8 Best Chrome Extensions for web designers


Chrome extensions are tiny little software programs that are designed to full fill the needs of users. Chrome extensions that are designed for web designers help to speed up the designing process. In this post, I have listed 8 best chrome extensions for web designers. If you are a web designer and looking for ways that will improve your development speed, then keep reading this post to get the idea about the all 8 chrome extensions that can help you in your designing process.

As a web designer you need to constantly work on your skills and knowledge to deliver best projects to your clients to do that you have to follow a good web design blog, podcast, YouTube channel and Facebook groups to keep your self-updated on latest trends and news.   

In this list, I have covered some of the most popular and useful chrome extensions that every web designer must know. So let’s start with our first extension.

  1. Sizzy 

Sizzy is a chrome extension that allows website designers to test their projects in multiple viewports. It offers a view of lots of devices and screen sizes that help designers to design in a very efficient manner. With the help of Sizzy, you can check your projects in real-time in a variety of devices and screen sizes. It is very easy to set-up, and use. 

  1. GistBox clipper chrome extension.

GistBox clipper is one of the most helpful chrome extensions for web designers because it helps you to create Gist for any block of code on the webpage.

To create Gist, you need to first install this extension on google chrome. When you do this, you will get a small button on the top right corner of a code block. When you click on it you will get a small pop-up window then you can save it.

  1. Dom Flags

Dom Flag is the chrome extension that helps developers to work with browser tools. It helps web designers and developer to perform designing task easily.

Dom flag provides you a feature to inspect elements, and it will help you to complete designing tasks easily.

  1. LightShot

LightShot is a chrome extension that allows you to take a screenshot quickly. Apart from capturing screenshot LightShot also provides you the facility to upload, download, and send this screenshot to other platforms.

You can also share screenshots on different social media platforms. You can also add some text, arrows, and multiple design elements on screenshots.

  1. Checkbot

Checkbot is the best chrome extension to test your website project for security issues. It helps designers to identify the problems and it also recommends some solutions in website security and speed.

According to the latest trends and updates, it will test your website for various factors such as duplicate content, broken link, and SEO.

It can also help web designers to minify the CSS and it will also provide some recommendations on how you should minify CSS correctly.

  1. Clear cache

Clear cache is a tool that helps web developers and designers to clear the cache of the page. With the help of this extension, you don’t need to go to the settings to clear the cache of a page.

A web designer needs to remove cache because they need to perform multiple edits on a web page to check that changes in real-time it is important. With the help of this extension, they can remove cache very fast.

  1. WhatFont Chrome extension 

WhatFont chrome extension is used to find out the font name size that other webpages are using. You can use this chrome extension to incorporate your favorite fonts on your design projects.

This chrome extension will allow you to identify any type of font available on any web page. It is very easy to use this tool, all you need to do is when you find a font you only need to wave your mouse cursor on the font, and then it will provide you all the information.

  1. Web developer

The Web developer chrome extension is a very powerful extension to analyze and audit your websites and web projects. Web designers and developers use this plugin to check their web page for coding, SEO, usability, and many more.

It provides lots of tools in just one chrome extension. It provides lots of useful information to the designer and developers regarding the web page and their project.

So that’s all from this blog I hope you like the list of the best chrome extension for web designers. If you find this article valuable, then share it with your friends, and tell me which chrome extension do you like the most in the comment section. If you have any confusion related to this post, feel free to ask in the comment section down below.