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8 Best Parenting Apps to Use in 2020

While it can be super fun and exciting, parenting isn’t a game. It requires your 24/7 presence and focuses which can result in many missed tasks, chores and obligations, especially with new parents without experience. Luckily, your faithful electronics are here to help! Here are the best parenting apps that will come in handy in 2020.

Baby Connect

If you have a newborn, you’ll find this app very helpful. Baby Connect provides you with a place where you can keep all essential info concerning your baby’s feeding, diaper changes, sleep and activities, as well as medication timers, vaccine logs and many other things. You will also receive a graphical report for easy tracking. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about losing any data since the app uploads on the cloud. Plus, you can authorize several users and easily share essentials with your partner, spouse, parents, nannies or babysitters.


If you have a child that’s a bit older and obsessed with their phone, download FamiGuard. This app provides you with many solutions to keeping an eye on your kid’s activities online, so you can quickly prevent any unwanted activity (accessing inappropriate sites or unsuitable apps). Since you can’t and shouldn’t completely ban screen use, this app also allows you to manage screen time. Essentially, you can geo-locate your child, set screen time restrictions, block certain apps and websites, view web activity—anything that will keep your child safe online.

PBS Parents Play and Learn

There’s no better way to bond with your kids than getting out and engaging in sports, walks, activities and chores together. However, if the weather doesn’t allow outdoor activities, you have to find a way to bond and keep your kid busy inside. This is where PBS Parents Play and Learn comes in. Sheppard software has over a dozen games that are not only fun and interactive, but also provide your kids with a chance to experience various day-to-day scenarios and learn. You can teach your kids various skills they will use for the rest of their lives and provide them with useful learning experiences. Parents Play and Learn also helps in building language and math skills and offers teaching tips for parents

Peanut app 

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If you’re a new mother that feels completely alone in all of this parenthood thing, it’s good to know that you can always find like-minded women ready to chat, grab a cup of coffee and offer advice and support. This practical app makes moms meet in an easy and quick way and encourages them to discuss topics, create posts and form meaningful connections. It’s very important to have someone to talk to, besides your spouse, in those tricky moments of motherhood. This app is especially useful for new moms since you can get a ton of tips from those who stood in your shoes not long ago.

Our Home

If you’re a busy family with many daily tasks and deadlines, many of which often end up missing, check out Our Home app. This app provides you with a handy platform that allows management and organization of all tasks and chores for the entire family, kids included. You can even put in some extra motivation for everyone by providing awards for tasks successfully finished—kids will love this feature. There’s always a shared calendar that makes it easy for everyone to see daily tasks and pitch in a very coordinated way that will prevent confusion.

Cloud Baby Monitor

If you’re unsure about getting a baby monitor, the truth is that you really don’t need one, as long as you have phones and tablets. With the Cloud Baby Monitor app, you can quickly transform your phone or tablet into a practical way to keep an eye on your kid. This app offers features like motion alerts, live noise, music, two-way communication and many others. The interface is very user-friendly and even the least tech-savvy parents will quickly learn how to manage this app. Cloud Baby Monitor can literally be a lifesaver!

Johnson’s Bedtime

If your baby or toddler often has issues drifting off to sleep, don’t worry. For some reason, kids want to stay awake even when they are really sleepy, but they won’t be able to resist this app. Johnsons’ Bedtime app will encourage your child to drift off with some relaxing sounds. If you have noisy neighbors or a busy street below your window, this app will replace horrible noise with relaxing lullabies or ambient sounds. The app also tracks your baby’s sleeping patterns useful for establishing healthy sleep patterns.


Many parents, especially first-time mothers, struggle with mental health early in their parenthood. Issues like postpartum depression, stress and anxiety can all harm your wellbeing, wellbeing of your entire family and affect your effectiveness as a parent. Luckily, you can always find a professional to talk to. With over 200 licensed therapists, Talkspaces will provide you with support and put you into the right headspace to be a happy, healthy and loving parent.

While it’s still going to be hard and demanding, yet rewarding, with these apps in your pocket, parenting will be a bit easier task. So, whip out your phone and start downloading these little helpers to keep you and your family safe, entertained and right on track! You can hire custom mobile app developers in Dubai if you want to develop your own parent app tailored as per your requirements.

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