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8 Common Leveling Mistakes in WoW TBC

If you appreciate the World of Warcraft TBC Classic, you’ve come to the perfect place. Gamers make numerous blunders when it comes to character advancement. It’s all due to their lack of knowledge. Novice gamers should be aware of these faults To avoid issues while leveling up.

8 Common Leveling Mistakes in WoW TBC

This tutorial will cover some common World of Warcraft TBC Classic mistakes new players make. These points will let you identify and change your character during the game. Let’s examine them one by one.

Not Paying Attention To The Mechanic Of Rest

Visitors to a city or an inn may notice their characters have glowing portraits and “ZZZ” levels. The character is now resting in terms of gameplay. When a player logs out while in Rest, their EXP bar turns blue. Killing enemies when Rested doubles EXP.

At Low Levels, Dungeons are Forgotten

Most, if not all, MMO players know that the “real” raiding happens at the endgame. If they harvest enough Raids to obtain excellent gear, they may be able to face increasingly challenging challenges with more serious Raiding parties. However, newcomers to WoW TBC Classic don’t have to grind until Level 60 to experience endgame Raids. Integrating older Raids and low-level dungeons in their leveling process makes sense for many players.

Jumping To Level 50

Inexperienced or overconfident gamers desire to skip the tutorial and move right into harder fights. New players learn the foundations and storyline until level 10, while the main game begins at level 50. Players who desire more action try to speed up the leveling process using level character boosters.

Jumping to level 50 may seem like a great plan, but there are some disadvantages. First, new players will be unprepared due to their lack of prior understanding of the game and its tale. Avoid using boosters on Allied Races to fully reap the rewards. Customization options are important in the game, and you’ll learn them faster if you level up gradually. If you still need a booster but aren’t sure where to look, try Boosthive. They provide a reliable world of warcraft tbc level boost service.

Spending More Time On Earning Gold

World of Warcraft TBC Classic offers three currencies: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Getting your first Gold can take a long time in the beginning. They can obtain Gold much more readily as they progress through the game. Sadly, some players may assume they aren’t doing enough to obtain Gold rapidly, especially if they have set goals. Thankfully, gamers can maximize their Gold profits by leveling up early or early in the game.

Excessive Gold Spending

Money is still important in World of Warcraft TBC Classic. Conquering higher-level monsters can also generate a lot of Gold. The temptation to spend Gold on various shop items increases as players level up. After buying that awesome-looking blade or armor, players may find themselves short on Gold.

Excessive Clicking

The most obvious indicator is clicking; it proves that you’re a newbie. We’ve all been there. Using the mouse to cast spells instead of keybindings slows down reaction time.

When you arrive in Azeroth, map all of your spells to your keyboard (or MMO mouse). Even though it seems insignificant, every bit helps. You’ll heal faster. DPS will increase due to better rotation execution. Keybindings have no disadvantages over clicking.

No Keyboard Tuning

Using WASD or worse, the arrow keys indicate a newbie. In actuality, PVE keyboarding is still a possibility. You don’t want to do it in PVP. It’s much faster to turn with the mouse while attacking the keyboard. It allows you to instantly change your character, confronting opponents and leaping away. This causes a significant disparity in reaction time between the top PVPers.

Using Trade Chat For Help

You shouldn’t ask for help in trade talk. In trading negotiations, do not ask about Gold. Avoid trade talk unless you want to have a nice time. Asking a query in trade conversation usually results in in-jokes, insults, or misinformation.

The truth can easily be lost in a sea of trolls. You can lose the Lich King in the Barrens for Ashbringer. You’d be better off asking a specific player or Googling the answer.


All of the aforementioned WoW leveling mistakes should be known to newbies. If you want to succeed in World of Warcraft, you can obtain help. It’s better to admit your mistakes than to lose the game. It will take time to master the regulations and perform successfully.

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