8 Costly Painting Mistakes that Can Hurt Your Business and How to Avoid Them


Maintaining and managing your commercial property's appearance is crucial because it is the first thing people see, leaving a lasting impression. 


When your commercial property is dull and unattractive, the customers may see it as a sign that you are not taking good care of your property. This will often lead to the assumption that if you are not taking care of your property, you are also not taking care of your business and consumer service. 


On the other hand, newly painted walls and structure is a pleasant welcome and gives a refreshing vibe. Painting could be done by yourself, especially if you want to save money. But, before jumping to that decision, you have to understand that there are things that professionals can do that you can't. Here are the eight possible mistakes and how to avoid them:

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Hiring unprofessional contractors

Many of us choose unprofessional contractors to save money. We focus on how much money we can save rather than thinking about the result. Once everything is completed and the job is mediocre, you will have to spend more to correct the mistake. 


Getting unprofessional contractors may look like you are saving a lot of money, but it's not. Your commercial space is important to your business; thus, hiring only professionals to do the job is the smartest business decision.


Poor preparation

The painting process starts with preparation. Thorough preparation is necessary to create a lasting result. Scraping off old paint, making sure the wall is free from residue or glue. The risk for lead is there if the building is built in the 70s; it thus should be handled by professionals only to avoid health risk.


Aside from residues on the wall, any holes should be covered properly. Lastly, sanding the surface to create a smooth surface. When the preparation is not done properly, no matter what paint you use, the result will come out poorly.


Improper use of tools

The use of proper tools is essential. When the wrong tool is used to remove the wallpaper or any residue, the surface will not look clean. Using the wrong paint brushes and rollers can create a bad outcome or delay the progress of the project. A professional painter knows what brushes to use for different spots and hard-to-reach areas.


Not protecting the area.

Painting is often done by sections and for a business establishment, protecting the area is a must-do to protect the safety of everyone. Cordoning the area involved will reduce distractions, and covering heavy machinery or furniture will prevent any spill from the paint. When you fail to protect the area, it will create all sorts of potential harm and further delay the project.


Hiring uninsured painters

Contractors who have cheap rates often do not have insurance. You may think this is an advantage, but it is actually risky for your business. Any project is vulnerable to injuries or damages, and insurance is the best way to mitigate the risk and effect. When you are hiring uninsured contractors, and things get awry, you won't be compensated properly.  


Getting an insufficient amount of paint

Estimating the amount of paint needed to complete the painting project is tricky. This is a very common mistake but often leads to problems such as delays, out-of-stock situations, or purchasing the wrong color. Again, preparation is important, and getting the right estimate for the amount needed will save you from a lot of headaches later.


Not using the correct paint.

Color is clearly a top preference for a new paint job, and it has a significant impact when painting a building, wall of an office, or commercial property. The right color will lift up the mood, brighten a small space, or give a calming effect. Choosing the proper shades will influence the mood of people coming into your business establishment. Aside from shades, getting the right paint also means looking for durability and ease of cleaning. 


Painting project delays

The amount of time required to do the project is essential. Any delays will hurt your business. It will increase your spending cost, cause inconveniences during business hours and waste a lot of time. 

What Can You Do To Avoid These Mistakes?

All these mistakes are preventable. Your business is too valuable to have these risks, so instead of cutting corners, involve a commercial painting professional from the start. 


Be careful in choosing professionals because some contractors claim they are experts in the painting field. Look for the company that offers credible commercial painting, check for reviews, ask for recommendations from people you know, and inquire more about their services. Hiring a team of professional painters will, in the long run, save a lot of time and money while enjoying beautifully painted walls.