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8 Different Types of Massage Chairs

Massage Chair

There are dozens of massage chairs in the market. Some have a specific feature while others offer various features in one chair. From a few hundred to thousands of dollars, what you most need is to choose the one that best fits your needs.

Massage Chair Pads

This is the most affordable type of massage chair. It can be placed on your couch or chair. Others are decent enough to give you a relaxing massaging. However, others could break easily.

Standard Massage Chairs

The “back massage chairs” and “massage chairs” are totally different. Most online shops are associating the back massage chair are massage chair pads only for back massage. These are less expensive than a full body massage chair. there are some middle-ground chairs as well that provides a full body massage but not many options of massage techniques.

Full-Featured Massage Chairs

This is the pinnacle of relaxation equipment. It can massage the whole body including arms, legs, hands, and feet. It literally massaging you from head to toes. Some have heating technology as well. These bad boys could start at about $1500. 

Shiatsu Massage Chairs

The Shiatsu chair massagers have the technique borrowed from the famous Japanese Shiatsu technique. The rollers mimic the shiatsu technique, applying pressure as if it is done with thumbs, elbows, feet or hands. It uses airbags as well as power rollers.

Reclining Massage Chairs

If you want to get a new massage recliner chair, it is best to look for chairs with the latest in 4D Massage Technology. You can also get a chair with a micro-sculpting and acupressure massage technique.

Traditional reclining massage chairs have manual recline. Now, there are a lot of automatic reclining chairs. It is no longer hard to reach and pull a lever. This big plush recliner massage chair will ensure that you are relaxed enough as if you are in a massage table.

Massage Office Chairs.

There are now office massage chairs perfect for web designers, stock traders, programmers, gamers, or anyone who spends the whole day in the computer chair. It combines heat therapy and vibrating massages to help you alleviate back pain from long hours of sitting.

Zero Gravity Massage Chairs

Zero Gravity is a term used by many but it actually came from a technology invented by NASA. The astronauts have specially reclined chairs in their space rockets. The design is to eliminate the pressure of gravity on their bodies and preventing injuries during the launch. 

Chairs with this feature like the Osaki OS-Pro Maxim Massage Chair can increase relaxation of the neck and back, eliminates pressure on the spine, increase lung expansion, and increases your body’s circulation.

Portable Massage Chairs

This type of chair is easy to set up. It is used by massage therapists usually in malls. If the therapist is always on the go and does home service, then this chair is teh best option for them.

So how do you select a massage chair?

Here are some important tips to keep in mind. 

Main Features

You mind consider the features that you need the most. Do you need a back massage feature or a full body massage? Are you too tall that you might need a feet extender? Do you want a wired paned or a remote? The small details can add up to your comfort so choose wisely. 

Massage Types

Each chair has a few basics: Swedish, Shiatsu, Rapid percussion, Kneading, Rolling, Pressure, or Capping. These massages are done by rollers, balls, and airbags. Teh more massage technique, the more options you and family can enjoy.

Massage Intensity

The level of intensity you get from rollers and airbags can be personalized depending on the chair you buy. Consider this if you have elderly family members or children.

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