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8 Digital Marketing Strategies for Startups in 2020

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If you are a new entrant in the world of business, you have a lot to learn - starting from the basics of the business to the details of marketing it. Other than the traditional forms of marketing, the need of the times is digital marketing. You cannot and must not miss out on the opportunities that this can open up for you. The options available are many and it might leave you confounded as to which is the right one for you. That can be taken care of by the digital marketing agency. But, you need to be aware of what to expect from them.


Some of the strategies that could work for you in the year 2020 are as below:


Work On Your Website


This is the crucial stepping stone. If this is not set right, the path ahead could be very uncertain. Your primary focus here should be your audience. You should be very clear about what you can do for your target audience. What kind of a solution is your audience looking for? 


- The Design Elements: The website should have a professional outlook and should not be cluttered with unnecessary elements. It must be unique and representative of what values your organization stands for. The navigation should be clear cut with clear definitions of the various sections of the sitemap. 


- Simple Language Your website has to communicate with the audience in a language that they understand – a simple communicative language. 


- Benefits Are Important Rather than knowing the features of the products, the consumers are more interested in knowing what impact these can have on their lives. Talk about what you can do for them and not what you have on offer. 


- Calls to Action What is it that you want your consumers to do? Sign up for your newsletter, ask a question, start a free trial and subscribe to a plan? Whatever it is, it should call out to the consumer loud and clear by being a distinguishing feature of the page. These actions could be in the direction of solving their problems through your products and could be more effective rather than pushing the services in front of their faces and repelling them. 


- Chatbots With the advancements in artificial intelligence, chatbots are an easy communication tool for the consumers. Most of their queries can be resolved then and there without any intervention from the customer service or the management.


- Responsive Website Design, Your website should be designed in a way that it will be easily usable on multiple devices like PC, phone and tablets. As it makes your user browsing experience more effective and easier.

- Shopping Bag That is an interesting conversion element to have on the website along with the others that we talked about the earlier-The call to action buttons. Though the others are no less important, this one is the ultimate conversion tool. It is important that the consumers go through this right till the end.


Search Engine Optimization


After the website, best SEO services is the next stepping stone. This is what will get the prospective customers to your website to make further steps of conversion possible. - The Core Elements A good SEO strategy should have a strong architecture consisting of relevant keywords as a part of the content, the URLs, and the title as well as description tags. The speed of your website is the other factor which will affect the traffic. If your website doesn’t load, it will get diverted to your competition. The content is another key element which gets you higher SEO rankings. Not to forget trust in a site. If Google marks your sight as not trusted, you will not get any traffic, so it is important to get the SSL certificate to grow.


Digital Marketing

In a world dominated by digital media, you cannot afford to miss out on the benefits offered by this element. Hire a digital marketing agency in Bangalore to get the maximum benefit from this. - Various Forms Digital marketing is done through desktop browsers, which has now been taken over by mobile marketing and social media marketing.

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