8 Easy Ways to redo your old kitchen


If you were thinking of remodeling your kitchen, but not on a larger scale, go for it. Indeed, it does take time and money to refresh the old look. But, the results are always perfect. That is why you should go for some small to grand changes for a new cooking area. In this case, replace your old cabinets with CCC cabinets.

Moreover, it is natural to notice your outdated kitchen. So, it’s time to bring some new light into it. From cabinets to counters to faucets, anything can give you a fresh look. In addition, avoid lush changes as the budget does not allow. Bringing in small changes will do the work. Also, the best way is to organize your place.

There is no use in stressing over such a simple task. So, it is better to follow some easy ways to redo your kitchen. Here are the eight easy steps:

  1. Update some details

  2. Look for a new counter

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  3. Reface the cabinets

  4. Paint the cabinet doors

  5. Add a fancy faucet

  6. Add a backsplash

  7. Get new appliances

  8. Create a breakfast nook

  1. Update some details:

If you have a tight budget, there is no need to replace the old stuff. The best way is to update small details. In this case, rather than replacing the whole cabinets or drawers, change the hardware. You will be surprised by the new characters. Also, if the natural texture of the wood is pale, laminate their faces. So, adding these small details can do wonders.

  1. Look for a new counter:

A counter is the focal point of your kitchen. That is why you can update your counter in many ways. Well, if your counter is in good condition, no need to replace it. You can polish or laminate the slab with a quality seal. In this way, you can make your counter look new. But, if your place needs a new slab, go for a ready-to-install option. Then, match the counter with your CCC cabinets.

  1. Reface the cabinets:

Nowadays, cabinet refacing is another option for a short-term solution. If your cabinet boxes are still fine, only reface the cabinet doors. Also, the method is not pricey. So, you can easily afford this way to redo your kitchen. 

  1. Paint the cabinet doors:

What is better than getting paint on your cabinet doors? You know your cabinet colors are the eye-catching pieces in your kitchen. So, change the paint on their doors to bring newness to your kitchen. In addition, painting is a cost-friendly way to make a change.

It not only brings colors to your place. It also protects the doors from decay. For example, you have old stains on your cabinet doors. A perfect paint or varnish is the best way to cover them.

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  1. Add a fancy faucet:

An outdated kitchen faucet can be a mood spoiler. So, isn’t it better to get a new faucet for the sink top? In this way, you can change the look of your cooking space. Moreover, it will add functionality to your place. For a modern look, go for brass, black, or stainless steel faucets. Also, they are easy to clean.

  1. Add a backsplash:

Adding a perfect backsplash is a game-changer for you. It is the best and easiest way to get a brand new look. So, add a tile backsplash to your kitchen. You can choose colorful subway tiles to match your counter. They are stylish and easy to install. In addition, getting wallpaper is another great idea for the task.

  1. Get new appliances:

Yes, new appliances add more to your expenses. But, go for basic stuff and brands to renew your kitchen cabinets space. Also, you can get new electric items at a discount. Then, save the bigger appliances in CCC cabinets. They offer the best storage space. But avoid fancy stuff and go for basics.

  1. Create a breakfast nook:

What’s better than having a small breakfast nook in your kitchen? If you have a corner counter, make space for a small nook. Then, add two chairs behind the counter. Not only will it add newness to your place, but also it works for a small family. In this way, you can have a refreshing morning brunch.



Nothing is impossible in this age. If you don’t feel like rebuilding your kitchen, upgrade it. Start with adding small items. Also, add a fancy faucet in place of the old one. Also, you can paint your CCC cabinets. They offer many options in cabinet finishes. So, consider the above easy ways to redo your kitchen. Also, try to organize the counter area. Finally, make smaller changes to get better results.