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8 Effective Ways to Grow Your Mailing Lists

According to the HubSpot report, by the end of 2019 alone, 5.6 billion email addresses had already been recorded worldwide. Can you imagine what's going on right now? For an electrical mail advertiser, it's good to have an idea of how to qualify the audience that will be your target and make an effective mailing list from this large number of probabilities.


Finally, here are 8 leading thoughts on how to nimbly and correctly compose an electrical mail list.


1. Collect contacts from online events


At times, collective firms, moreover b2b, make less use of their own personal websites or optimization processes and tend to organize events on separate platforms. They have all the chances of renting them or anything in this family. Or they have all the chances of not yet having/needing a personal motivated page for specific reasons, etc. D. There they have all chances to collect information about any user and make a list of mailings for a subscription. Get the list of your target audience in one click with 


A method for firms that conduct educational events online, in this case, will be a configuration for the entrance to the study hall.


Members must forget their own contacts, otherwise, they will not get what they signed up for, right? After all, just at the address of the e-mail is the original hyperlink by which they ran to the room webinars, or at every other event of their own course.


Actually what else to create:


However, the collection of electrical messages during registration for the webinar has the ability to be than any other optimized and adapted to the reality of any firm:


  • You can make a user-friendly motivated page on a smart platform, for example, on Tilda.

  • Collect data with the support of the system "all in one", as in the form of a web page.

  • Contacts have all the chances of being forwarded to an electrical mail advertiser who is passionate about updating the database and mailing list;

  • Your webinar members will get messages with the right content and announcements about fresh events/updates to your product that have all the chances of attracting them.


The fact is that in this case, the contacts of all members will mechanically go to a document Google Spreadsheets, saves your time and allows you to quickly and easily increase the basis for the data of electrical mail.


Including if you do not have a budget for the site / you do not need the personal resources, etc. D., This is a free and more favorable method of creating mailing lists. You can explore the possibility of using any such site builder, which you will find conducive to your business.


2. Optimize your own site subscriptions


How do you make a mailing list from the start? Elementary, in case the customer or the likely customer is your website, he is somehow interested in what you do. For example, do not miss the chance to use their contacts. Use the wonderful form of registration here, so as to arrange it seamlessly.


This method is all the more suitable for SAAS and firms that use e-mail to test the users. There are plenty of examples of how to get mailing list addresses, requiring an email address and password for registration. Mailing list advertisers of these resources have all chances to collect and use the addresses that people themselves enter when registering or logging in to the system that they want or need to use, etc.


3. Model a landing page with data selection forms


You'll be able to make a data collection landing page intentionally through a contact form. In your own turn, you give your own audience-specific outstanding qualities.


When you require a person to give any personal data, offer the probable buyer to use the electrical mail they left. This allows you to achieve 2 goals: you get both contacts and unanimity to send the newsletter. And the customer is internally ready to receive messages from you in the future.


Actually what to offer:


A lead magnet is something important that will solve your customer's case, for example, electric books, teaching video clips, checklists, templates, electric mailing list extension administrations, etc. D. Lead mailing magnets have all the chances to be:


  • Bonuses, discount cards, loyalty program;

  • A newsletter with information about fresh products;

  • Access to free e-mail software;

  • Access to relevant content.


For example, some websites publish only the beginning of a story, and access to the rest is given in exchange for an email address, etc.


4. Set up a personal service to collect data


How else to interest the audience and how to set up an automatic collection of the list of electric mail?


Practically, you can still set up a personal site, site integration processes, etc. This way, in order to collect individual data, while users interact with any of its components. For example, you will be able to offer forms to collect electrical messages not only at the time of registration in the system but also during its application or even afterward.


More than anything else, in case this process is automated and happens simply with the support of options, data-driven. For example, in the event that your unlimited e-mail service invites integration, after the registration of the user, contacts have all chances to be immediately saved in the appropriate campaign.


He still has the ability to mechanically retrieve data about subscribers: browser language, location, first name, last name, etc. In this way, your base of email contacts are organically accumulated and saved on your website until you take it out for your campaign.


5. Ask for feedback


There's no better method to get fresh email marketing lists than to ask for a feedback association. Data based on testimonials from your shoppers are only considered tested high-quality information with tested contacts. This is yet another primary reason why we must strive to arrange our shoppers as much as possible to be as princely as possible.


How to get mailing lists? - Easy. People love to speak their minds, and it's possible to use this to gather a base. Don't limit your users by urging them to tell you how great you are. Ask for a conscientious notion and emphasize that every skill will undoubtedly help to make the product more than any other and more convenient for the whole world.


Vis-a-vis, your configuration of the feedback must be as short as possible. In the standard name and e-mail address - otherwise, you will scare away including the most faithful people. Save them time. To, even more, motivate people to leave a review, offer a discount or the same prize. You can still do the contest with symbolic prizes for the creator of the best review or something else. This is where a non-trivial promotional layout comes in.


6. Stop with your own blog


You can't maintain an association and give personal skills to your own customers without a blog. It's a wonderful method to build personal cases. It's also a wonderful method of gathering data. There are for example a large number of creative thoughts on how to make a personal email list - from leaving explanations to filling out questionnaires or other actions.


These are your blog materials that have all chances to be filled with a call to action that inspires and entices your readers to sign up for your electrical messages.


In this way, you can demand that your firm's blog guests leave their own electrical messages to form a listing for an electric commerce site or any other business database. Provide them the opportunity to disengage, in case they decide that they do not want their own electrical messages handled in your mailing lists.


7. Collect data on your own


How to grow your personal mailing list without going digital? Word of mouth still rocks, and you can create it on your own, as well as on the Internet.


What's not the least, in case the firm takes part in trade shows, conferences, and other offline events contains a large number of regular buyers who came before the site or once contacted by phone, etc. E., you can collect electrical messages directly there. At conferences, people are more willing to share contacts, because of the fact that they came to enter the right contacts.


Actually what to create:


There are a number of techniques for collecting a database on a stand-alone event and creating a list of emails for your promotional campaigns based on their results:


  • Organize seminars;

  • Organize demos of your own products;

  • Set up collaborations and trade shows;

  • Hold competitions;

  • Ask for a fill-in-the-blank questionnaire;

  • Offer gifts or treats, a photo in a catchy and unusual photo studio;


And in exchange for a role in it, offer to forget the electric message and promise to send them the necessary materials or to entangle with the person, in case he will leave an electric message for some requests.


In case your providers have all the chances to handle some requirements as quickly as possible, for example, to diagnose some difficulties on the internet site promptly, to integrate an email program, or to find out the product in real-time during on-site events - this is still a probability to gather contacts immediately.


8. Use a skillful e-mail reconnaissance


Apply skillful software for searching e-mail data in order to improve and speed up the reconnaissance of e-mail data. Generate email listings for subsequent promotional campaigns in a short time with the support of dedicated tools created by email experts.


Search engine optimization updates have all the chances of threatening to ban pop-ups on the site, and contextual advertising rates have all the chances of being very high. Not to mention the design of a motivated page, which gives a giant ability to apply forms and collect data. Finally, we need to recall the traditional methods of promotion and apply something more specific. And we still have this software at hand.


Tools for the automatic search for targeted on a particular subject e-mail address to create a tested base only with liquid contacts have all chances to be output in a variety of situations. Almost all advertisers resort to their support when working with their own lists of electronic mail. How do they work?


The tool still supports the exploration of data on the parameter of the main text in the search engines, these as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. A common case would be: you are selling restaurant equipment, enter the query "restaurants". You will get countless results of searching for your likely customers in a short time. The software will mechanically explore all the websites from the outcome, download and parse pages, extract e-mail addresses and phone numbers, if necessary, and the names of their owners. Unlike some online services, the program has the ability to not have limits on the number of results, which makes it even more comfortable to use in several search sessions.


Depending on their configuration and probabilities, they have all chances to be focused on the exploration of the phone numbers, test e-mail addresses. Some of them allow you to retrieve contacts from these systems like Skype, from well-known public networks like Facebook or Twitter, and others. They have all the chances to be all the more useful to the advertiser at the eleventh hour.

You'll be able to select each absolutely fresh software that takes advantage of all the modern search tools that are cheap to your audience. With the support of these programs, you will collect all the likely contacts of your buyers - email addresses, phone numbers, links to social networking pages, etc. In the future, you can apply them to any space, depending on your current advertising goals. Use your own data as in the mailing list, as in the cool mailing list, or even more.


You can simply look at least some similar products on the official websites of manufacturers or the same proven reviewers and choose the one that more than any other than the best suits your advertising goals. Actually, as for our product, it will save you a lot of time - after all, we've already done a lot of work on its development in the direction of almost 20 years, and we are still doing everything possible to make it better.




Email marketing is known to be an effective and fairly affordable method of daily delivery of all sorts of promotional notices to inform your regular and likely customers and likely buyers. And, naturally, in case you have a wonderful mailing list.


How to get a gift list of e-mail addresses is still controversial. This means that it is not recommended to steal it or buy from someone. Whenever effective to make it from scratch, based on your advertising work and the techniques to expand the electrical mailing lists that you use there. Nowadays, you understand at least 6 of the most leading ones. In case you need added support on how to make an electrical mail list from the zero marks, don't hesitate to apply for our expert support in electrical mail marketing.

Daniel Zayas
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