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8 Essential Tips for a New Office Fitout

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Is your workspace getting too crowded for your growing business? Don’t worry, you’re only one office fitout from having a space that’s ready to support all your future endeavors and expansions. Here are the top tips that will help you create a perfect office fitout.

Ask for feedback

Before you do anything with your new space, check out your old location and ask your staff for feedback. Is your current layout comfortable and practical? Are there any improvements you can make in your new space that will boost office satisfaction? What are the things your workers dislike and like about their current space? By fixing your current shortages, you can increase morale, satisfaction and productivity of all people in the company.

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Examine your location

Check out whether your office space is suitable for expansion and renovation. Take everything into consideration about your current location: the commutes, public transport links, client proximity, building age and aesthetics. Location is one of the most important things for a business no matter what you do, so make sure you like your current one before you start renovating and expanding. If you don’t like it 100%, consider moving but make sure to do it in advance because office space is in demand. For instance, office space vacancy in Australia is at its lowest since 2012, so get ready for high prices!  

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Get professionals

Make sure to find good professionals to work with you on your project, especially when it comes to electrical work. Most office spaces and stores greatly depend on electricity (you need phones, internet, charging stations, lighting) so make sure to find good electricians. For instance, Australians are lucky because they can always find an experienced Sydney electrician to provide them with electrical fitouts for offices. They will ensure you have all the outlets, power points, switchboards and other electrical works that your business needs. And, with professionals, you’ll have the safest space without cables on the floors and unsecured connections!

Get the right furniture

Make sure to examine what kind of furniture your workers need to do their jobs best. Do they need large desk areas for mapping things out? Do they need work stations that provide peace or ones that encourage collaboration? Additionally, think about the future and your future growth. Will you be able to match your furniture with pieces you buy in the future to provide a clean and seamless look? Don’t forget about aesthetics either, because it boosts morale.

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Ensure inclusivity

Make sure to make your office comfortable for all your current and future employees by installing ramps and curves over steps for those with mobility issues. Ensure your bathroom stalls are suitable for wheelchair and add simple acoustic battening to your space to help those with sensory issues.

Brand your space

Every office needs to be branded. You want your staff and your clients to know what you stand for and what values you possess. Including your company’s colors into your space will make your business look more professional and awaken the sense of loyalty among your staff. It can also spark creativity which is a good thing no matter what industry you’re in.

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Consider the overall aesthetics

Most businesses are focused only on price and practicality of their offices, but the style is much more important than they think. Make sure to prevent clutter by fitting your space with plenty of storage, both for business and personal needs of your employees. You can also encourage waste control and recycling by fitting your office with enough recycling stations. Make things even greener with plants that boost productivity, relaxation and health of workers. Plants like ZZ plants, peace lilies and Sansevieria are all perfect for busy offices since they need very little maintenance.

Advertise it

One last tip: Make sure your customers know about your new space and your office improvements. It’s always good to advertise your growth and impress your clients with your individuality and creativity when you reveal your new space. It’s a great move for the business and both your clients and your employees will be proud to be associated with a company that’s moving forward and improving.

A new office fitout will allow you to create a new look and maximize your company’s performance. It will also leave the best impression with your clients and stakeholders, so you can expect a great return on investment.

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