8 Essentials for Every Working Woman's Bag


When you're a busy working woman, it is important to have everything you need handy. This will ensure you can move efficiently through your day and not run into snags or find the need to stop what you're doing to search for a necessity you've misplaced. Here are eight essentials you need to put in your work bag now.

1. Spare Chargers

Even if you're in the habit of keeping all your devices at high power, you never know when you might need a charger on short notice. Maybe your phone didn't actually charge up while you were sleeping or your laptop battery drained more quickly than expected. Keep a spare charger for your phone, laptop, tablet and wireless headphones in your canvas bag so that you'll be well-prepared to get your devices back in service when you need them most.

2. Headphones

In this digital world, it is imperative to have some headphones handy when you need them. You might need to log in to a zoom call or work presentation while traveling or just want to scroll through videos for a quick mental break. Be sure that you have some that are compatible with whichever device you typically like to use. It may be a good idea to keep a corded set handy as well in case you need them urgently and your wireless set isn't charged up. This way you can be ready for anything that comes up. When your friend sends that funny video and you want to discreetly watch it, you can just grab your headphones and queue it up.


3. Pen and Paper

You never know when you'll need to jot down a quick note, make a list or write down someone's contact information. Having a pen and paper available makes it an easy task. Make things even easier by adding in a stack of sticky notes. You'll be able to jot a quick note to your coworker to stick to their desk or write a personal reminder to put on your dash.

4. Personal Care Items

Be prepared for dry hands or dry lips by keeping some lotion and lip balm in your work bag. You should also include a pack of tissues, a few bandaids and a bottle of your preferred pain-relieving medication. If there are other over-the-counter items you use often, be sure to toss those in also. Cough drops or throat lozenges can also come in handy when you have a throat tickle you can't quite shake. You can even toss in a mini first aid kit to ensure you're ready for most minor injuries.

5. Hair Ties or a Scrunchy

Having a way to pull your hair back in a pinch is a necessity for most women. Make sure you have hair ties or scrunchies available when you need them by tossing a few into your tote. Add in a mini hairbrush that will help you get just the right style. You can also include a small bottle of hairspray or gel to tame those flyaways and smooth out your look.

6. Feminine Products

Sometimes your cycle can surprise you. Don't let the surprise ruin your day by stocking some tampons, pads or pantyliners in your bag. When the necessity arises, you won't have to panic because you'll have exactly what you need.

7. Breath Mints and Floss

When a surprise meeting comes up and you just ate a spicy lunchtime meal, you'll feel much better if you can approach it with fresh breath. Always have a supply of mints stashed in your bag so you can pop one in your mouth and get back to work. Also include some floss and/or toothpicks so you don't have to worry about embarrassing conversations with something stuck in your teeth. Seaking of teeth, go the extra mile for a healthier smile and get rid tooth decay with the family dentist indialantic.

8. Makeup

Invest in some duplicates of your most used makeup essentials so that you can carry them with you. Concealer and foundation come in handy for touching up makeup throughout the day. You'll be glad to have some lip gloss and mascara when you are about to meet a client or decide to stop for a drink after work. Get a small makeup bag that fits well inside your tote so that you can keep your makeup corraled and find it easily when you're ready to apply. You can also get mini versions of a lot of your favorites that are perfect to take on the go.

Staying organized will help you get through your day with less stress and more grace. Whether you travel a lot or sit at the same desk every day, it will benefit you to have a bag ready with your essentials nearby. Even those who work at home can benefit from having a tote at the ready. That way you'll have what you need while you're at home and can quickly grab it when you need to run out for a few errands too.