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8 Exotic Animals that can be kept at Home as Pets

Keeping an animal is a huge responsibility, they require careful care, training, special conditions, and considerable financial investments. If you are not confident in your abilities and capabilities, it is better to admire them at the zoo and not to start a living creature just for the sake of fashion And of course, any animal should be purchased in nurseries from professional breeders. Do not encourage the smuggling of wild animals. Here is the list of animals that can be kept at home as pets.


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Increasingly, this small chanterelles can be seen as a pet. Fenech is a very friendly creature with a lot of energy. A nice feature of this animal is the woolen paw pads, which save hot sand from burns in natural conditions.

Requirements: At first, the animal needs to be given maximum attention: feed it with hands, play, iron and in no case be screaming or making sharp movements. You will also need a huge cage or a separate room, covered with sand (they love to dig and make holes). In winter, you will have to think about how to provide heat - Fenek does not tolerate low temperatures, the animal quickly catches a cold and may die.


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The same axolotl who learned not to grow up and can afford to remain a child all his life. The salamander, despite the fact that it is quite a popular pet, is on the verge of extinction, therefore, fishing for this amphibian in natural waters is prohibited, but it is possible to breed it at home. It is necessary to understand that this is a huge responsibility and a difficult task - in adverse conditions, the axolotl can quickly become ill and die.

Requirements: A large tank of water (50 liters of water per individual), constant maintenance of a comfortable temperature (16–20 ° C) and regular cleaning of the aquarium. Axol is incompatible with all kinds of fish, snails, and frogs. If you can not guarantee the content of this salamander in cold water, it is better to abandon the idea of having it at home.


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When buying a Genta, you must promise that you will never abandon it - these animals are very attached to the house. And if you decide to start, you will have to learn to read the mood of your pet: if she is in good spirits, then you can stroke her, play, and she will give you a gentle purr, but if she got up from the wrong foot, then it is better not to touch - the animal will behave very aggressively.

Requirements: Despite its very exotic look, genet is unpretentious. The main thing - proper and regular meals and a clean tray.

Florida Blue Crab:

Florida Blue Crab
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If you really want to surprise everyone with your pet, then you should start cancer, and not a simple one, but Florida. This almost surrealistic handsome man will not go for a walk with you and will not execute commands, but will become a bright accent in your interior.

Requirements: They require clean water, a large aquarium and a place to hide.

Sugar Marsupial Flying Squirrel:

Sugar Marsupial Flying Squirrel
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Looking at the sugar marsupial flying squirrel, it is impossible not to smile, right? And they are also incredibly affectionate, strongly attached to the owners and to the animals with which they live in the same house. Flying squirrels are completely non-aggressive, respond well to the intonation of the voice and learn simple commands.

Requirements: Animal night and the first time will interfere with your sleep. If a flying dog makes noise in a cage, then in this way she calls for you, because she is bored and lonely - these are very social beings that need communication. The best option is to buy her friend. Also, when installing the drinker in a cage, you should teach your pet to it in advance, otherwise the animal may die of thirst.


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Capybara  - huge (weight of an adult reaches 65 kg), but very friendly rodent. This intelligent animal can make friends with anyone and gets along well with cats, dogs, and birds. Capybaras willingly train, do not show aggression, quickly get used to walking on a leash and feel very comfortable as a pet.

Requirements: These animals lead a semi-aquatic lifestyle and are rarely removed from the water by more than 500–1,000 meters. The swimming pool is considered ideal conditions, and you should not forget that the capybaras are accustomed to the tropical climate, so in winter you have to think about a heated large aviary.


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These prickly creatures are incredibly cute, and it’s not for nothing that more and more people take them as pets. Hedgehogs are good-natured and have an amazing ability to quickly get used to home conditions.

Requirements: It is necessary to immediately buy a cage and make a small shelter for a hedgehog, it is not recommended to allow him to study the apartment alone - the animal may become entangled in the wires or get hurt. And it is worth remembering that hedgehogs are predators and the basis of their diet should be raw meat.


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It’s probably hard for you to imagine how skunks can be pets, but in the USA they are loved and kept at home. Skunks are affectionate and very faithful, by nature they are close to a dog. The tamed beast does not use fetid weapons at home.

Requirements: The main thing is to regularly comb the animal and trim the claws in a timely manner

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