Thursday, September 28, 2023
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8 Gorgeous Dining Room Décor Ideas for Summer

With all the beauty that summer has to offer, why not bring it to your home décor as well? And what could be a better place to share the spirit of summer with your family and friends than your dining room?

Get your dining room into a cheerful mode this summer with some simple design tips suggested by professionals at a high-end furniture store in Mississauga.

Stunning Ideas to Stylize Your Dining Room This Summer

1) Add Freshly Picked Flowers

To bring the essence of summer to your dining room, consider adding freshly picked flowers to your dining table. These seasonal blooms will not only add colour to your table but also give the room a charming look. Adding beautiful flowers is an excellent way to create a breezy dining room that makes family time more entertaining.

2) Choose a Cool Palette

The mercury is rising outside, but it is better if you don’t feel the same way inside. To that end, choose a cool palette for your dining room. Shades of blue, violet and green add simple and modest summer tones to your dining area. You can incorporate these hues through wall paint, placemats, coasters, runners, crockeries, dining chair seat cushions, colourful glass tabletop and curtains.  

3) Go for Neutral Furniture

Your dining room furniture should resonate with the season’s décor. Choose furniture made from natural materials like wood, knitted jute or wicker to add a casual feel and complement those lazy summer mornings.

4) Hang a Petite Chandelier

When decorating to incorporate a summer vibe, resist the temptation to include overpowering décor items and select minimalist designs instead. Up the style game of your summer-inspired dining room décor with a complementary light fixture, like a petite chandelier. Not a fan of chandeliers? A series of mini pendants will do the job just as well.

5) Brighten Your Floor with a Rug

When decorating in a ‘summery’ way, why neglect your floors? A bright rug is a great way to liven up your dining space without much effort. Choose an interesting pattern and an eye-catching colour to complement your existing dining room elements.

6) Add Fun, Colourful Accents

There are never too many colours when it comes to summer décor. From bright-red dining chairs to aqua blue tablecloths, make a bold statement that draws attention to your dining room table and gives the room an instant facelift while creating a focal point. Other ways to add colourful accents include playful yellow wall paints, violet table vases and painted lantern sconces.

7) Create a Beautiful Backdrop

If you are reluctant to change your dining table décor, why not stylize the space with an attractive backdrop instead? Go for wall-mounted plant brackets, food-themed wall murals, series paintings or a striking brick wall to make excellent use of available space. These backdrops not only add visual interest to your dining room but also give it a modern look.

8) Mix Upholstery Fabrics

To add the vibrant appeal of summer to your dining room décor, mix upholstery fabrics to bring in textured depth. For example, if your dining room chairs feature pattered upholstery, select solid colours for the backs. Choosing patterned valances and solid-coloured curtains are another great way of to mix upholstered fabrics. Summer is the perfect time to bring the elegant vibe of the season to your dining room. It not only adds a sense of relaxation to the space but provides soothing visual interest. If you are planning to give your dining room a new look, incorporate the above-mentioned ideas to add a ‘summery’ touch to your living space. To learn more décor ideas and take inspiration from the latest trends, visit a high-end furniture store near you or consult an expert interior designer.

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