Home Business 8 Great Times to Give Out Trophies and Awards to People

8 Great Times to Give Out Trophies and Awards to People

8 Great Times to Give Out Trophies and Awards to People

Trophies and awards are for inspirations, motivations, and action-oriented things when given with right purpose and on the right occasion. Trophies in sports are serving for centuries, so myriads of sports trophies, which are pricey to cheap in costs found in sports news. Academy and media awards often become the talk of the town.

Recipients of awards are taking pride for their achievements and often get noticed in local, national, and international news and magazines. Without any award and ceremony, no recognition program noticed by media and people. It means arranging award-giving ceremonies and inviting media or sending news to media is mandatory to grab the most out of the investment.

Let’s learn which times what types of award or trophy should be announced or given in this current post.

Corporate Awards for Outstanding Leadership

Most organizations have different teams and employees grouped in teams based on their roles, qualifications, and acquired skills to hit set goals of the team. In teamwork, one of the team members dominates the entire team and leads the team in impactful, effective, motivational, and consistent ways/manners.

Some have in-born leadership qualifications while some acquire it over the time. If the enterprise is successfully found out such emerging or established leaders within their staffs, and motivate them frequently over their true efforts, honestly teams eventually become highly productive and profitable.

The majority of organizations set qualifying criteria for leadership awards and following are commonly found.

  • History of nominees who have facilitated, motivated, and delivered benefits out of it to the company.
  • Nominees who are inclined to personal as well as professional development, as well as capable of creating influential relationships with coworkers with harmony.
  • Nominees should be capable of go above and beyond the call of duty to inspire others and help in improving productivity and quality of work across all team members.

Corporate Trophies for Lifetime Achievement

The government, non-profit, and commercial enterprises with decades and sometimes centuries of existence are giving lifetime achievement awards to its aging top-tier employees.

The lifetime awards winners mostly are executive level employees, such as president, directors, and managers who have provided exceptional contributions during a length of service and established a legacy of an inspirational career.

The award achievers are mostly dedicated, caring, and foreseeing employees. Those are popular among the coworkers and strong leadership quality to leave positive impacts on others.

Corporate Awards for Customer Service

The majority of commercial corporations have either B2B or B2C customers or both in many cases. Those are looking for excellent customer services to improve their sales/revenue, loyal customer base, rapport in the market, and obtain applauds to boost ‘word of mouth’ marketing.

In due course, companies offer various award titles for the customer service department or the employees involved in customer services directly or indirectly — for example, an employee of the month, a quarter of the year, or a year. They expect the following criteria to meet win the customer service awards or corporate trophies.

  • Highly polite behavior
  • A significant amount of patience
  • Knowledge of customer behavior and human nature by-and-large
  • Capabilities to manage the odd situations and naughty customers successfully
  • Capacity to analyze the behavior of customers, changes, and their demands. Based on prepare reports to provide feedback and predictions as well as valuable suggests to the top management to improve the customer care services.
  • Leadership capabilities to encourage coworkers to be customer-centric and take consumer-oriented approaches in the services.

Corporate Awards for Exemplary Character

Human resources department is always looking for ideal employees working in the company. They have set criteria for a persona of the employees they are looking for and want to prepare others following the same.

In most of the cases, organizations look following characteristics in the persona of the employee.

  • Exceptional integrity
  • Generous nature
  • Kindness
  • Poise
  • Unbiased for gender, race, and ethnicity

Corporate Plaques for the Epitome of Teamwork

Some outstanding employees have nature to contribute to the teamwork even any responsibility is not assigned to them. They honestly help others and stay beyond their working hours to assist others by using their skills and experiences.

Companies used to recognize such employees and offer awards to appreciate their work and set examples to others in the organization.

Corporate Awards for Mentorship

Most of the companies hardly practice official mentorship. Instead, they encourage senior staff members with capacities to provide the same to interns or below cadre employees who actually need it.

Since these mentors are providing such valuable services without allocation of the responsibility, they need recognition, corporate awards or trophies used to given those mentors who have offered the extra services.

Corporate Medals for Innovation

Creativity is the mother of innovation. Creative employees often come with unique and innovative solutions or approaches. They can chart a new path in workflow, products, design, and the way services can deliver.

Enterprise is always looking for the creative workforce to stay ahead in competition or get an edge in their niche. Creative people in an organization not only come up with innovative solutions, but they also bring futuristic products or concept on the table.

Therefore, with corporate medals for innovation, companies recognize the creative talents and foster the same in their company culture.

Corporate Awards for Extraordinary Diligence

Some employees are passionate about a kind of work or role they have allocated. They used to stay on the job for longer than official working hours. They offer additional efforts and reach the solutions. The company always welcomes such rare kind of employees.

By awarding them for their extraordinary diligence, the organization encourages others with the same quality and passions to go ahead and win the award. Thus, employees learn that their extra contributions will not go in vain and rewarded appropriately.


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