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8 Important Tips Why Your Business Should Be on Instagram

Since the inception of Instagram, it has proved to be a great marketing tool. And that’s true for businesses of any size and stature. The visibility of products and brand exposure are achieved without too much effort. So, if you are a business owner, you need to jump onto the Insta bandwagon. Whether you own a clothing brand, footwear, or interior designing for that matter. You need to engage your audience on Instagram. Even ISPs have Instagram accounts. Frontier is one of them. You can search Frontier deals on Instagram and you will see. Businesses from every niche are making use of the amazing platform that Instagram is. Let’s discuss why your business needs to be on Insta!

8 Valid Reasons for Your Business to be on Instagram

  1. Massive Number of People Are Using Instagram
  2. Instagram Allows Businesses of Any Size to Thrive
  3. Businesses can Manage to Earn Directly from Insta
  4. Incorporating Instagram Stories Make any Business More Relatable
  5. Instagram Facilitates Partnership with Influencers
  6. Hashtags Increase Visibility
  7. You can Engage with Your Clientele Effectively
  8. Smartphone is the King

Let’s elaborate on them.

Massive Number of People Are Using Instagram

According to statistics in 2018, Instagram has a gigantic number of active users. It’s a whopping 800 million! Its unique design and feature-rich format have attracted many people across the globe. These users have been willing to learn the amazing features of Instagram. Some instances are hashtags, stories, tagging, and others. Since most of the users are millennials, they tend to share whatever they love. This leads to lots of exposure. Manage to have a dedicated and creative Instagram marketing and business strategy. And you will end up having a great business setup!

Instagram Allows Businesses of Any Size to Thrive

Whatever is the size and stature of your business setup, it can thrive on Instagram. You can advertise basically any niche on Instagram. You may be thinking, Can you advertise CBD on Instagram or cannabis products? All you need to do is come up with a well-presented and well-conceived business strategy. And a business model for your Instagram audience. They will check anything that is catchy and creative. And this is true for a luxury brand too. If it cannot live up to the creative standards of Instagram, it will not achieve success. No matter how outclass the products are. And if a home-based, small setup manages to engage their targeted audience. It will happily thrive! No wonder one-man operations and pop-shops are making a huge impression. They are also earning tremendously on Instagram.

Businesses can Manage to Earn Directly from Insta

With consistent evolution over the years, the emphasis is now on making money. And that’s via right product placement. Have you seen the latest program called ‘the shoppable posts’? This strategy allows the business setups to add tags to their products in their images. The links are also posted. These links include pricing details, product details, and a shopping link. This practice facilitates the user to the online store. The incoming results with this tactic are so amazing that they are hard to ignore!

Incorporating Instagram Stories Make any Business More Relatable

Instagram has allowed businesses to be creative with their impression and personality. They don’t need to be faceless corporations. They can leave a strong impression. And this helps in making a more real relationship with the customers. Instagram’s features have allowed businesses to create a great persona. We are talking about features like live posts and stories. For instance, if you are clothing brand, you can share BTS (behind the scenes) making of your clothing items. Or, you can share the BTS of your marketing campaign. Another great idea would be sharing the CEO or founder of your brand slaying one of your own clothing items. Instagram audience love these updates! It also improves trust and reliability of your brand.

Instagram Facilitates Partnership with Influencers

The concept of influencers was also initiated by Instagram. And it has done a great job. You must have seen one of your favorite brands doing a partnership with an influencer. For instance, Huda Kattan doing a partnership with Makeup artist Mario. This is a great strategy to promote a brand and bring them into the focus. Instagram also promotes giveaways hosted via partnerships. Another amazing marketing hack. Make use of these tactics and witness how your popularity and followers increase!

Hashtags Increase Visibility

Hashtags are the staple of Instagram. Don’t we all love hashtags? And if used creatively, they literally win our hearts. The competition on Instagram may intimidate you. But, if you manage to use hashtags properly, you are sure to win your targeted audience. Never stop experimenting with new ideas! Because uniqueness is the king on Instagram.

You can Engage with Your Clientele Effectively

Instagram gives you the opportunity of following back to your customers. The ‘Real’ customers. What’s better than that? You get to have the opportunity on interacting with them on daily basis. And users tend to comment, like, and share the content, products, or services which they love. With better engagement, you can have many followers sharing feedback about your products. This will lead to more exposure.

Smartphone is the King

Unlike Twitter and Facebook, Instagram works best as a smartphone app. Its browser version is not very efficient. According to stats, 90% of the time that people spend on smartphones is on social media apps. Make sure you take advantage of the mobile-optimized Instagram. And engage smartphone users effectively. Smartphone users are noted to prefer Instagram over Facebook. That’s due to lesser clutter and cleaner design.

So, if you are an entrepreneur and about to launch a new venture, it’s time to hop on the Instagram bandwagon. All you need is a steady subscription to one of FiOS Internet plans or any ISP for that matter.

Good luck in winning hearts on Instagram!

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