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8 Interesting Facts about Hinduism

The more you recognize something, the better, particularly in the case of religion. Regardless of which religion you belong to (atheism included), most of the major religions, in reality, preach non-violence, though it's not usually observed by a variety of 'blind' devotees. If you take a more in-depth look, you'll discover that there is a range of things that can surprise you about specific religions, inclusive of Hinduism.

The above traces mean that by daily remembering these 8 immortals in Hinduism (King Bali, Parashuram, Ved Vyasa, Kripacharya, Ashwatthama, Rishi Markandaya, Hanuman and Vibhishan) one may be free of all illnesses and live for 10 decades. These are also known as the 8 brilliant warriors.

8 Brilliant Immortals in Hinduism: 

#1 - Bali:

Bali, also known as Maha Bali became Asura King and the virtuous emperor of the three worlds. During the Vamana avatar, Lord Vishnu blessed Bali to be a Chiranjivi.

#2 – Parashurama:

Parashurama was the sixth avatar of lord Vishnu who was born to rid the earth of immoral kings and rulers. He acquired an axe from Lord Shiva after rigorous penance, discovered the art of war from him making him the first warrior-saint. It is stated that he could appear at the end of Kali Yug to be the Guru of Vishnu’s final avatar, Kalki.

#3 - Ved Vyasa:

 Ved Vyasa , the writer of the epic Mahabharata and the Puranas was blessed with immortality by Lord Ganesha and MahaVishnu. It is stated that he resides anywhere the devoted and genuine exist.

#4 – Kripacharya:

Kripacharya was the Kul Guru of the Kurus. It is stated that his impartiality closer to all of his students is the cause for his immortality. He is often revered as the precise Guru.

#5 – Ashwatthama: 

Ashwatthama, the son of the exceptional teacher Drona as well as an excellent friend of Duryodhana who committed 3 unpardonable sins in Dwapara Yuga. He became one of the warriors who killed Abhimanyu unlawfully, who was only a child; killed the five Upapandavas and Draupadi’s sons after the battle was over in their sleep. Therefore, Lord Krishna cursed him with immortality.

#6 - Markendeya:

Markendeya was blessed with knowledge and godly talents. But when the stipulated duration was over, Lord Yama, the God of demise came to take his existence away, he prayed to Lord Shiva. Pleased with his devotion, the Lord Shiva granted him the boon of immortality.

#7 - Hanuman:

Hanuman is the eliminator of evil. He is assumed to be the symbol of devotion, innocence, power and knowledge. Instead of going for Moksha, Hanuman determined to stay on earth, anywhere Rama’s name was spoken; such was his devotion. He is cited in Mahabharata that is believed to have taken place in Dwapara Yuga.

#8 - Vibhishan: 

Vibhishan, the younger brother of Demon-King, fought on the side of dharma in Ramayana. He was blessed as a Chiranjeevi to upheld righteousness in Lanka and to guide human beings on the route of Dharma.

Mind-boggling facts about Hindusim:


  • Hinduism is the most effective religion to endorse gender equality in gods.

  • Hinduism is the parent religion that led to the beginning of Buddhism and Sikhism.

  • The sacred number for Hindus is 108

  • Hinduism believes in round timing!

  • Hinduism is said to be the most elastic religion.

  • Hinduism is the only religion to agree with Karma and re-birth.

  • It is believed to be the ‘oldermost living religion’.

  • The use of ‘0,’ decimal points, pi is said to be endorsed by Hindus.

  • The largest religious structure in the world – Angkor Vat is a Hindu temple.

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