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8 reasons to choose plantation shutters for your windows

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Considering installing plantation shutters to your windows but aren't convinced yet? You're on the right page. However, plantation shutters are some of the most popular shutters in the nation. Popularity isn't enough reason to go with an option. A common reason people tend to shy away from installing these shutters is their price. Still, they are the first choice for many homes for a reason. They fit with wide louvers, and they're aesthetically appealing. In this, we're going to take you through why you should consider plantation outdoor shutters Brisbane.

        They have a long life span.

Blinds and curtains are popular options for people without shutters. While these are effective in keeping out unwanted light, they are also prone to fade with time. This deterioration is due to the constant bombardment with UV rays. Plantation shutters, on the other hand, do not have this problem. They're able to withstand the sun's harmful rays while keeping you safe. You can think of installing them as an investment. After all, curtains and drapes will eventually need replacement. Plantation shutters are more durable and will retain their color for a long time, saving you money in the long run.

        They improve your décor

Your windows are visible parts of your home's interior. So it's important to pick something attractive and appealing to the eyes of not just you but also your guests. Wooden plantation shutters are an excellent choice for adding aesthetics to your living space. They're flexible in design and can easily fit with other pieces of furniture you currently have. There's also no need to worry about a clash with your color palette since you can paint them to your taste. It's not just your interior décor; these shutters spice up. You can see them from outside, which helps add a bit of flavor to your exterior.

        They protect your privacy

Apart from blocking out the sun's harmful UV rays, plantation shutters also ward off prying eyes. In your home, you deserve peace from the rest of the world. The blades on the shutters are at an angle that prevents outsiders from peering through and stops light from disturbing you on days you wish to sleep longer. When you're ready, you can open the shutters again to let in the sunshine.

        They improve your energy efficiency

Plantation shutters are typical in areas with warm seasons, but you can use them in colder climates. That's because they help improve the energy efficiency of your heater. How might you ask? During colder seasons like winter, they cover your windows tightly and prevent warm air from escaping. By doing so, you spend less on heating then if sheer drapes covered your windows. In the summer, they do the reverse by blocking out light and heat, keeping your home cool. So you can also save money on air conditioning. You can save money on your electric bills all year round.

        They are easy to maintain

When you have curtains, you occasionally need to take them down for a wash, as the fabric, they accumulate dust and dirt over time and need cleaning. It can be pretty stressful and tedious having to do that for all the curtains in the house. Plantation shutters, on the other hand, only require cleaning with a soft cloth. You should avoid water or other chemicals touching them. That's a load of time and effort you can save yourself by going with shutters instead.

        They are custom made

You might worry that the shape or size of your windows would hinder you from getting plantation shutters. Well, I have good news, they won't. Whatever form your windows are, be it arched or odd-shaped, you can get custom fit shutters. So you don't have to miss out on the many perks a plantation shutter brings because you have uniquely shaped windows. Plus, the process of installing them once they're delivered is very straightforward. You can even do it yourself.

        They are kid and pet friendly

Sure, drapes, blinds, or curtains come with external attachments that might pose a hazard to your children or pets. You don't have to worry about the kids getting wrapped up in strings or your pet pulling at the cords with plantation shutters. So choosing these shutters gives you peace of mind.

        They increase your real estate worth

Finally, they improve the realty value of your home. Should you ever want to sell or rent, real estate agents will have an easier time getting your home off the market. Thanks to the aesthetics, durability, and low maintenance of plantation shutters, which we’ve highlighted above, your home will fetch a better price.


Plantation shutters come in a variety of shapes and color that adds elegance to any home. They're easier to maintain, safer for your home, and even add value to your home. So find the right service to install your shutters now.

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