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8 Reasons to Pick Trenchless Drain Repair over Traditional Drain Repair

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A blocked or broken drain leading to flooding of the foundation, the stinky water flowing backwards or sewer contamination are scenes from every home owner’s worst nightmares. Instant repairs and precautionary repairs are the only solutions to this disgusting issue.

Much like everything else, the drain doctors have also upgraded themselves, and now a faulty drain can be remedied in a jiffy with no dig pipe repair. If this seems like too alien a concept, then, here are 8 benefits that will make you say yes to the trenchless sewer repair.

1. Lightning fast

Remember how drains were repaired in the old times? Several hours were invested in digging a trench around the damaged drain; then, some more hours went into repairing the damage, and finally, a bunch of more hours went into filling up the trench. No dig pipe repair has reduced the whole process into one step instead of the 3 long ones which took anywhere between 7-14 days. Thus, drains get repaired within much less time as well as require the efforts of a lesser number of people nowadays.

2. Budget-friendly

Time is money, they say. The modern technique takes 1/3rd of the total time the traditional technique consumed. The repair company also has to dedicate less number of employees to get the job done. Thus, the price automatically comes down. It also saves up in the potential cost of future repairs as the material used to fix the drain is extremely durable.

3. Repair Lasts Longer

Traditionally, metal or plastic was used to repair leaks and broken drains. That has been replaced by perma-liner and epoxy resin. These modern marvels are going to last as long half a century. They are also not at any risk of rusting, getting invaded by growing roots or building a thick blanket of hard water build-up.

no dig sewer line repair

4. Saves the Landscape

In the olden times, anything from the owner’s beautiful blooming garden to the area surrounding the property had the potential to get torn apart if there was any sewage issue. Thanks to all the digging. With the advent of the innovative technology to conduct a trenchless repair, there is no threat to your garden or the surrounding. This is also perfect for commercial properties that have to stay open all day long for sales and attract customers.

5. Eco-friendly

Since the trees in or around your home are neither getting uprooted nor any damage is caused to any infrastructure, this is an eco-friendly alternative to the traditional invasive approach to pipe repair.

6. Convenient

With the boon of trenchless repairs, there is very little to no disruption to your property. So, there is no need for you to relocate to another property or stay in a hotel while the repair is going on at your place. Besides, the repair takes a mere 24 to 48 hours.

7. Works on a range of pipes

Although the technique is modern, yet it can work like magic on the oldest of pipes. Whether the traditional pipe is built out of concrete, cast iron, Orangeburg or clay, the trenchless “no dig” pipe repair will take care of it smoothly.

8. Service is available online

Thanks to the Internet God, you can find really good companies that offer the service of trenchless no dig pipe repair. Apart from that, these companies provide an array of services such as drain relining, drain installation and renewal, boundary trap relining and renewal. So, it is a one-stop-shop to take care of for all sewage worries of a homeowner. Moreover, one can also read up reviews of previous customers who have availed their services. This will reassure someone that they are going for the right company.

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