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8 Secrets of Enhancing Presence on LinkedIn

With its ability to generate effective leads and reach new ones, LinkedIn stays the major source of social media traffic that comes to B2B company sites. But the mere understanding of how to change a LinkedIn URL won’t be enough to build an engaging profile that tells an impactful, professional story about you as an influential industry expert.

Knowing what generates the best response, utilizing the right marketing features, creating consistent and well-organized posts are the key factors for optimal influential effect. Here are 8 secrets of enhancing LinkedIn presence, including working strategies on how to expand the reach of your posts.

#1. Post Several Times a Week

Though it might be a beneficial practice for social nets never to miss a chance to make a post, overloading your audience with posts hurts your LinkedIn presence. To become engaging your posting should be regular. Two or three posts a week is enough to stay connected with your followers.

When you post something meaningful, the morning is the most optimal time. You can revisit your page during the day and in the evening to reply to each comment you’ve got, displaying interest and boosting the engagement of your followers.

#2. Be Sparing in Using Automation Tools

Automation will save your time, but your damaged visibility is hardly worth it. Reposting the articles that include keywords is a good strategy that allows your profile to appear in a LinkedIn search.

The feed full of dense SEO content is annoying and can greatly reduce engagement. Moreover, LinkedIn's systems screen hides the post with automation used to the extreme. The optimal solution is to limit the number of posts created by automation tools to less than 30 per month.

#3. Make Appealing Video & Visual Content

Adding images is a beneficial practice for social media users, and it can make a personal strategy. Uploading and publishing illustrations directly to the platform engage a broader audience, giving people a reason to follow, like, comment, and eventually buy from you.

Videos, slides, animation, or podcasts fall under the same category of bells and whistles that guarantees a doubling of total views. In 2019 LinkedIn added a carousel feature for documents. Visuals accompanied by the right hashtags leave more of an imprint, stick out the suitable categories and make them accessible while searching.

#4. Structure the Content

One of the working marketing strategies created with Twitter in mind but applicable to LinkedIn is the 4-1-1 Rule. For every six posts, you create one as a “soft sell” and one as a “hard sell”. To break the monotony of your posts four others should be the reposts relevant to your audience content aimed to entertain or educate.  

It is a good way to provide some helpful insights from industry thought leaders or share the latest news and trends. You can also add relevant content from other websites, like YouTube videos or articles from your favorite consumer magazine. Don’t forget to add your point of view, question, or comment to start a debate.

#5. Sell without Being Salesy

Too promotional content within LinkedIn is an unpleasant experience that turns people away. Selling your products and services on social media is rarely a simple process. Content marketing strategy is all about the long-term view and lofty agenda. It is meant to be a balanced act of service enjoyed by both customer and provider during interacting.

Your posts should educate the audience, provide value to the readers and promote the product as often as you can, but first, you should build trust with your followers. To sell without being too pushy, you need to demonstrate that you understand the struggles of your target audience, and can provide working solutions to help.

#6. Try Broadcasting

The fact that 82% of potential audiences would rather watch a stream than read a social post from a brand makes LinkedIn Live a powerful marketing tool that allows marketers to connect with their audience in real-time.

Whether you prefer a format of masterclasses, webinars, or live streaming from a meaningful event, such interactive brand moments deepen relationships with followers and increase their engagement. According to statistics, leveraging Live provides 24 times more comments per host and 7 times more reactions per post compared to native video uploads.

#7. Tag Connections to Change the Game

LinkedIn provides you with approximately 200 tags a day. Tagging the value-added connections such as thought leaders and influencers is a proven winning strategy for posting. Notification of the mentions quality connections amplifies content reach through collaboration and encourages engagement and can attract new connections.

To avoid the spam look of your posts, tag only those who are relevant to the post, think twice before tagging, and avoid a long listing of tagged names. Try not to over-mention the same people in each of your posts.

#8. Create Authentic LinkedIn Content

It may look like a good idea to share the post you’ve created within all social nets you have.  But with keeping in mind that some of your followers are the same here, there, and everywhere, it’s not so tempting. As no one wants to read the repetitive and boring posts on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, you should post original content.

For LinkedIn your short updates may include what is happening behind the scenes of your business, events you’re hosting or attending, the celebration of milestones, awards, new team members, or top tips you want to share with your peers. LinkedIn’s tool for analytics is great to understand what strategy works the best for you and what content your followers may find interesting. Blend LinkedIn opportunities into your content strategy and keep things moving forward!

Syandita Malakar
Syandita Malakar
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