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8 Things Which Make Your Trekking More Memorable

Langtang Valley Trekking

Experiencing an itchy foot lately? It’s time to go to the store and grab the best trekking shoes. Your soul needs a long trek to freedom! Trekking isn’t just another sport adventure but a walking discipline that promises great stamina and so much more. The true joy of trekking is in exploring the unknown lands, hidden away from the world. And in exploring such treks, one gets to find several trekking companions who can become friends and trek mates for many more unexplored trails to cover. Several treks around the globe attract many who’ve been bitten by the wanderlust bug. There’s the spiritual Camino De Santiago in Spain that takes almost a month to cover while smaller treks in the Himalayas seem inviting to many trekking beginners. Narrows in the United States is a treat for those who love the canyons and peaks of K2 in Pakistan seem all the more inviting to the South Asian crowd. There are Nepal trekking tour packages that ease the process of trekking. Those interested in Everest base camp trekking find such packages of immense help. Several travelers have found themselves flocking to the Annapurna Base Camp Trekking packages that assist in helpful trekking to the base of the tallest mountain in the world. Depending upon the time and energy you have, trekking can be a dedicated hobby/passion/adventure and sometimes, all of it, for the mind, body, soul. To list a few magical qualities of this sport, here are 8 things which most definitely make your trekking memorable:

  1. A sense of adventure

No matter where you’re from and what you do, when your feet trail the path of the unknown, the feeling is no less than that of Jesus traveling the Earth to find beauty in places. Trekking leads you towards pushing your limitations and you end up discovering so much more.

  • Friendships

If you’re on a trek, it’s most likely that you will make new friends. Several others who are trekking will find so much in common with you that you may end up forming lasting friendships of your lifetime.

  • Purpose to life and living

In this day and age, where money rules our lives, we often forget who we are and why we are here. Trekking serves as a pilgrimage to finding the true meaning of life. Not a bad idea to start thinking about your first trek, right?

  • Improved stamina

No trekking is a walk in the park. But that’s the beauty of trekking. It challenges our bodies and motivates us to finish our goals. The walk is just another way of feeling alive and what better way to feel alive than trekking for more than a week, or a month.

  • Increased sense of calm

Nature is our first home, our own homes are secondary. To step out into nature is like finding home. And trekking allows for such discoveries that help us in finding our true inner peace.

  • Memories of accomplishment

Trekking with a loved one can make the experience so much more fulfilling than trekking alone. Finishing a trek with your companion will form a joint memory which you will cherish together, for the rest of your lives.

  • Happiness

Taking long walks into nature is like losing yourself to something bigger—and that is happiness. Those who trek often experience happiness more actively in their lives.

  •  It’s the journey that matters

The art of letting go prevails on every trek ever taken on the face of Earth. To accomplish the goal, one often needs to forget about it to keep going. Trekking Tours is one of those goals that help you trust the journey while reaching your destination, one step at a time.

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