8 Tips for Designing the Perfect Product Label


Many experts believe that there are certain aspects surrounding a product that can increase its appeal to a customer. At the top of the list, the product labels, stickers, and packaging.

By paying much attention to these three simple things, you might just send your products flying off the shelves.

You must remember that there will be many competitor products stacked up beside your items. They might also do everything in their power to stand out from the crowd. For that reason, your products need the perfect labels and stickers.

To make this process more manageable, you can go through the eight tips mentioned below and start brainstorming ideas before finding the right sticker printing service.

Clean and Simple

The first thing that you need to understand is that your design needs to be clean and straightforward.

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Many brands have intricate designs with so many things going on in them. They go with it because they believe it looks good. But you don't want your consumers to spend time trying to understand what exactly is on the label. If your products go in containers, they might not be able to understand what's inside the packaging.

That is why your label must be immaculate. Make it straightforward for your customers to understand what it is and what they should expect. Or else, they might move to your competitor.

Be Careful With the Colors

When a person is moving around a store or scrolling through an e-commerce website simply looking at products, they may not stop and read what every label says. Instead, they will hit the brakes when something catches their attention.

There is a good half-second window of opportunity, and your product label needs to catch the consumer's attention in it. That can be quickly done with brilliant colors that jump out but go well at the same time.

However, you should avoid using colors that clash with each other. It's better to go with something that can blend together.

You should also make sure the colors align with a flavor if your product has one, of course. But with this, be careful when choosing colors for two flavors that have a similar hue, for instance, strawberry and raspberry. Doing this can help your consumers find what they're searching for without having to read every single label.

It might be beneficial to make the colors on your label pop, for instance, light colors on black or dark packaging. But this will only work well if your brand colors are already black or white.

The Right Font Can Make All the Difference

Earlier you read about keeping it simple, that is, for the designs, colors, and the fonts.

However, you shouldn't keep the font too generic. Doing so might say that your team just picked the first font on the list, and didn't give it much thought.

Your consumers should see the labels on your products and think that you carefully designed it. It might be a brilliant idea to try the same font that you use for your brand. It may be easier for consumers to recognize your products, and it will have a consistency to your message.

If you are thinking of using more than one font, try not to go over two. Otherwise, you might just make it hard for people to read and understand the labels.

Don't Stick With the Ordinary Shapes

The world is filled with regular people doing ordinary things. That is why everyone is looking for something out of the ordinary to blow their minds or catch their eye.

That is why you must try to go further than the simple circular or rectangular shaped labels that everyone has for their products. But if the shape of your packaging demands a circle or rectangle, then let your creativity shine.

For instance, Aquafina has a rectangle-shaped label. Still, they made it stand out with colors that make the shape seem very irregular.

Match with Your Brand

You need to show consistency with your product labels and brand to solidify your image in your consumers' minds. For that purpose, begin by thinking about what message your brand gives off to the average consumer.

You must research the target audience and find out what appeals to them. For instance, you can't sell high-tech products with designs that remind people of the '90s.

That's why it never hurts to be similar to your brand's logo and overall theme. It will help your consumers greatly, and solidify your brand in their minds.

Look For a Unique Attribute

Another excellent way to make your products stand out is by using something unique.

Some brands like to use photographs to appeal to the consumers, some use personal short stories, and others might go with a limerick to make their products unique. This can become a "thing" your brand does, and your consumers might buy your products simply to collect these unique features.

For instance, a Canadian beer company has a joke written under every bottle cap. People have started to associate those jokes with that brand, and like collecting the caps.

Complement the Packaging

Like the brand, you should try to keep the labels in line with the packaging and the products.

For instance, if your products and the packaging are made from eco-friendly materials, then you should clearly mention that on the label to appeal to the consumers that want environmentally friendly products.

Where Can A Consumer Reach You?

Many consumers like to find out more about the brand or contact them if they had a positive experience with its products.

That is why you should clearly mention on the label where your customers can provide feedback, contact your team, or learn more about your company.

This can also be a fantastic opportunity to get more traffic to your business site, get more consumers to your stores, and find out what is making your customers happy.

Even if they have a complaint, it will only help you know what you need to improve.