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8 Tips to Reduce the Rate of Accidents on Roads

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There is a school of thought that believes that humans are better off being on their feet rather than in their cars. While you were watching your favorite movie or making your favorite snack at least three cars met an accident. That’s how frequent they are. According to a survey by World Health Organization, approximately 1.35 million people die each year as a result of road traffic crashes and at least one person dies or gets injured every 14 minutes due to a car accident.

Not only do accidents endanger the lives of your family, friends and loved ones but they also cost about thirty six times more than the cost of a simple car repair. Here are eight tips that will help lower your chances of meeting a roadside accident. Let’s not only save our life but also the lives of others. Join the fight!

Don’t Text and Drive

Phone addiction has lately been one of the leading causes of road-side accidents. Teenagers mostly use their cellphones excessively while driving either to text or to change music and that acts as a huge distraction, especially on the main roads with cars coming out of every corner. 

Mostly when kids wreck cars in an accident, people believe that it’s because of either inexperience or lack of understanding of how to control the car properly but it is mostly due to texting and around 40% of the kids, out of 100,000 who go to high school, admitted that they text while driving. But we cannot solely blame the kids for having this bad habit. From tired soccer moms to business men, they are all addicted to keeping their hands on their phones rather than the steering wheel.

Sometimes the texts or calls people receive are during an emergency situation and it is absolutely crucial to check your phone. During such a crisis one should park the car on the side, switch off the ignition and attend the call. If it is night time, make sure that the headlights are on and tail lights are blinking so approaching cars know that there is already a car standing there.

Other than that, make a habit out of touching your phone only when you have reached your destination and the ignition is off.

Signs are Important: Pay Attention

When you give your driving test, they have a very comprehensive section where they test your knowledge on road signs. These signs are placed here and there for a reason. They contain very important information like speed limit or zones you need to drive carefully, like for example, near a school or a largely deer-populated area. The pertinent information can always help in avoiding the massive car crashes. Areas prone to wildlife especially have these signs up every few kilometers warning drivers to keep their eyes out for deer, moose and ducks (yes duck signs exist).

A lot of times the amount of mud and dust can also make it impossible to read the signs and can cause impaired visibility that lead to accidents. Using the dust suppression techniques especially near farms, open areas and factories can go a long way in avoiding such a hazard. These techniques ensure clean roads which allow the drivers have a clear view of everything that’s coming from the opposite side of the road.

Check the Weather Before You Leave

Weather conditions play a huge role in roadside accidents. Many accidents occur during rainy seasons or when it is snowing. The slippery roadside makes the tires skid off road fairly easily. Wet roadways don’t allow the tires to get much traction especially if the tires are old. Best way to avoid accidents here getting new tires with better grip and driving slowly.

Extreme heat can also cause accidents. If you’ve been driving for a long while and took a road trip, the pressure inside your tires in a hot environment can increase which can cause the tires to burst and cause a massive hit. Get the tire pressure checked before you leave and in the middle of your journey whenever possible.

Remain Calm in Traffic

Congested areas cause more accidents. The more cars and road blocks there are, the more the chances of road rage and accidents will be there. Keep a cool head and try drinking water to keep yourself calm. Take another route if you can to avoid being stuck in a congested area.

Don’t Let Your Guard Down in a Parking Lot

Parking lots seem like safe spaces where one wouldn’t really imagine meeting with an accident because the speed limits are slower but you can easily hit someone while reversing or crossing. So, be careful!

Speeding Isn’t Driving

Take control of your emotions while driving and always be calm when have steering in your hands. Never drive while you’re angry and never get charged up while driving. Most accidents are caused by colliding into stationary cars or another just because your judgment was clouded. Take a moment out to relax.

Don’t Drive When You’re Sleepy

Take adequate rest before you set out on the road and make sure you have other driving buddies in the car if it is a long trip so you can keep taking turns. Lack of sleep has caused many accidents before (including Chernobyl). Exhaustion can cause you to fall asleep on the wheel and be in a serious accident.

No Drunk Driving

Drinking and driving don’t go well together. If you’re high or drunk, it is better to call a cab or have someone else drive you home. It is safer that way.

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