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8 Warning Signs Indicating You Need a New Roof

Damaged roof

The roof is the most exposed part of your house which is susceptible to bad weather, heat, and dirt. This means it can get damaged more easily than the other parts of your home if the roofing is not done or maintained properly. Keep reading this blog-post as our experts are going over several warning signs that can indicate you need a new flat roof.

  1. Worn-out Plumbing Vent Boots

Most of roofs have plumbing vent boots that are installed to prevent water leakage through the pipes. These boots are usually made of two materials and they are plastic and metal. The damaged plastic bases develop cracks whereas the metal bases show broken seams. If they are not replaced in time, then water can trickle down the pipes making your house a mess.

  • Ceiling and Wall Stains

Do you notice water stains on the ceiling and walls? If so, then the roof might be leaking water. Consult a roofing contractor as early as possible to fix the problem. However, if the issue is irreparable, then go for a new roof and make sure the installation is done properly.

  • Damaged and Missing Shingles

“If your roof features shingles, then take a closer look at their condition. The dark and wet shingles may indicate trapped moisture which can lead to damped ceilings in the upper floor rooms,” says Edward Stagg from AccuSeal Roofing Ltd, a flat roofing company in Toronto. Roof repair is what you need without delay, if you notice cracked, curled or missing shingles.  

Roof Repairing
Flat Roof Repairing
  • Mold Growth

Whenever you notice black, brown and dark-green blotches on the shingles, call for professional help as early as possible. These patches indicate the growth of mold that occurs from moisture deposits. They not only decrease the aesthetic value of your property but can also have an adverse effect on your health leading to infections and skin irritation.

  • Rusted Gutter

The function of the gutters is to hold the rainwater trickling down from the shingles to protect your home from erosion and decay. If the gutter is rusted and shows stubborn stains, then it might fail to perform its job properly. That’s why, either call professional help to get rid of the rust or replace it.

  • Peeling Exterior Paint

Do you notice wall paints peeling off from the base? This is one of the warning signs highlighting that something might be wrong with your roof. This usually happens in the attic or in the rooms underneath the roof due to the accumulation of moisture or water leakage in the roof. This is an interior problem and should be repaired or replaced.

damaged area lookup
Damaged Area
  • A Sagging Roof Deck

This is another important indication that shouldn’t be missed. This usually happens due to trapped moisture that weighs down on the roof deck. If you witness this, then it’s time to construct a new roof. However, repairing services can also serve your purpose based on the intensity of the damage. 

  • The entry of Daylight Through the Roof Boards

The entry of light into your house through the roof boards can also signify missing shingles. This problem can also lead to water leakage in your home if not fixed on time. That’s why you shouldn’t waste any time and get it repaired to prevent further damage.

These are some of the warning signs giving you a reason to construct a new roof. But before you take a call, you should seek expert suggestions from a trusted flat roof contractor near you. With their opinion, decide what’s best for your home and then get started!

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