8 Ways to Have Extreme Fun on Your Honeymoon


Planning for a honeymoon may be overwhelming. There’s so much to do with your beloved!

But it’s always better to plan. Jot down all that’s running through your mind and determine which of these activities are most promising? In case you’re facing a block and can’t think of anything at all, here are some super fun honeymoon ideas!

Go Sky-Diving

Sky-Diving is by far one of the most thrilling of all these honeymoon ideas. Imagine jumping off with your significant other, knowing you’ll make it safe, but the constant thrill and risk of the situation accompanying you. It is in these moments that you have your real fun and intense moments. You know you got each other’s back and are at heights for one another. Some of the most thrilling places for sky-diving include Fox Glacier in New Zealand, Hawaii in the United States, Interlaken in Switzerland, and Mount Everest in Nepal.

Enjoy Beach Activities

Visiting the beach to take a walk with your spouse is all nice and romantic. But to take it a step further, you could maybe get yourself into all the activities that the beach has to offer. Perhaps, you could rent a boat and explore the sea a bit? Or maybe, you could go, enjoy surfing, jet skiing, paddle boarding, windsurfing, snorkeling, or even swimming!  In case you both aren’t quite sporty, then maybe plan a cute beach picnic for yourselves.

Go for a Road trip

If you and your loved one, love to explore your surroundings, then going for a road trip might as well be the perfect thing to do on your honeymoon. You don’t know the land, you don’t know the roads, so it’s going to be super adventurous for you both. Every bend of the road will hold something new for you guys to explore. Plus, it’s going to be a day or two long, learning to survive in the wild without the amenities and sharing your bond out there is going to be exhilarating!

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Just ensure that you don’t tire each other out. Take turns driving!

Go Stargazing

Stargazing is a bookish and movie-ish thing to do. And admit it or not, maybe that’s what makes it all the more appealing to couples. It sets upon a dreamy vibe, transcending you and your significant other to a dreamy fairytale, wherein you make vows of a forever and promise to celebrate the comfort of each other’s embrace. We recommend Northern Lights at Headlands in Michigan and Chaco in New Mexico.

Explore Nature

Nature lives within us. It soothes us and nurtures us. There could be nothing better than exploring the depths of nature with your beloved. Be it interacting with animals or spending time exploring the paths undiscovered. You could even watch the waterfalls together and click pretty pictures together. Kenya in South Africa and Ranthambore National Park in India are some of our top recommendations.

Try Different Cuisines

When in a different city, trying out different foodstuffs is a must, especially if you guys count yourself as foodies. Try out all the exotic dishes in the city and all the exotic restaurants, such as the underwater restaurant in the Maldives and the sky dinner in Montreal. The food and experience will grant you exciting moments and everlasting memories.

Watch the Sunrise Together

In the late hours of the night and early hours of the morning, the world is at peace and its best. The quiet hours give plenty room for speaking out our minds, and it is in these hours that one is most raw and vulnerable. Nothing could be better than sharing your mind with your significant other. And as the cherry on top, nothing could be better than sealing the soulful experience with a fresh enlightening sunrise.

Befriend Newer People

If you plan your honeymoon in a different city but within your country, befriending newer people could be quite a lot of fun. First, you won’t have to go beyond your way to communicate with people. It would come easy, just with an edge of variation. The plus point here is you’ll get a group to hang out with and do fun activities with when you and your partner need a bit more colors to fill your days.

Final Thoughts

Having fun with your partner is more about spending time with them than anything else. It is more about getting to know them, enjoying their presence, and strengthening the bond you guys share.

And so, each moment of your honeymoon may feel like the best time since you get a lot of from your spouse unapologetically. But incorporating these ideas will take the whole gist of this first trip together to the next level.  Happy bonding!