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9 Benefits of attestation of degree certificate

Intro: What is Apostille degree?

Apostille, actually, is a marginal note or it can be called a document used in international law that is issued by a government, according to the terms of Hague Convention and this certifies that another document has been attested by notary public. The degree certificate apostille, in every country such document is issued by the competent authority of the respective nation, which in most of the cases is the Ministry of foreign (external) affairs.

An Apostille (certificate) is a square usually 9 cm. long, stamped at the backside of a single page public document. Formatted into numbered fields, it allows certified data to be identified by the receiving country, ignoring the official language of the issuing country.

An Apostille is a French word that simply means Certification.

How long does it take to get an Apostille?

Usually it take two days to obtain an Apostille but, if you don’t have the required documents ( like diploma, birth certificates, articles of incorporation) then, the timing, required to obtain these, is also added to the duration under consideration.

Embassy attestation is done after the document has been attested by all other departments. All these processes are time-bound so it becomes crucial to get the attestation or apostille done timely. Many professional agencies assist in getting this done efficiently in the shortest possible time.

Also if one requires an Apostille from abroad, then the period required for mailing is also added to the duration.

Legalization: Legalization usually takes a minimum of three days. If legalization from abroad is waited, then shipping timing is also taken into consideration.

Purpose of Apostille

Apostilles authenticate the seals and signatures of the officials on public documents such as birth certificates, court orders, or any other document issued by the federal agency. The authentication and legalization processes can be frustrating. But some agencies ensure that their clients’ documents are processed timely and efficiently. Embassy attestation is a necessity when you travel abroad.

Benefits of attestation of degree certificate from MEA (MINISTRY OF EXTERNAL AFFAIRS)

Some general benefits are:

        No registration or subscription.

        Fast and reliable processing.

        Payment by invoice.

        Degree certificate attestation is a necessity to maintain educational and professional profile.

        Easily authenticates the origin of documents with just a small sticker type document.

Some more detailed benefits that are important are as follows:

        Necessary to prove your identity on foreign land: If anyone want to use his/her documents on a foreign land then an Apostille degree certificate is mandatory as simply producing original documents is not enough and national attestation is compulsory.

        International acceptance: One must be aware that certain documents are accepted internationally only if additional authentication is done on them. These are mostly the personal documents of the individuals.

        Abolish deceptive legalization procedures: Before the existence of Apostille, corruption and bribery prevailed at the core of the system. But now with the introduction of apostille, the malpractices to get legalization are fought and diminished.

        Economic development: In order to prevent the conduction of any sort of illegal businesses the process of authentication is made mandatory. This actually enhances the economic development of the nation.

If one wishes to avail the benefits of an apostille certificate, one must get in touch with one of the reliable sources of apostille documentation.

MEA attestation of degree certificate provides precise and customer oriented utilities. They also offer certified translation services. MEA India provides the services to HCCH members’ countries. These also provide free pickup and delivery of documents to and fro from your location. All their services are trusted, quick and certified.



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