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9 Email Writing Tips For 100% Open Rate

In this modern era, where the competitors are growing and certainly you do not want to stay behind. However, email writing templates or email marketing is considered to be the game-changer. Therefore, to stand with the competitors it is important to ace each field. Here is in this piece of writing, I will make you a pro at email marketing and none of your emails would be left on reading - that is an open rate of 100%

The Magnetic Effect Of Open Rate On Email Marketing:

The percentage of the total number of subscribers who have opened an email campaign is the email open rate. Depending on the subject line and the importance of the subject matter for subscribers, these rates may differ. 

The subject line plays an important yet interesting role in terms of the magnetic effect on the open rate. However, there are other numerous ways that impact the open rate, which shall be discussed here. also Drafter AI could generate draft emails for you to save time.

If you are looking forward to sending mass emails or strategically timing your emails, several email marketing tools can help you in achieving the same. One of those is a mailing list service. It is one of the most reliable ways to send mass emails. Allowing you to mail up to 5000 subscribers, you can get your job done by using your regular email application. Though some people might consider it as dead or obsolete, with the proper marketing strategies you can send mass emails. 

Get 100% Open Rate With These Email Writing Tips:

Even though the technology is constantly evolving and trends are constantly shifting, one thing remains evident in digital marketing: email is here to stay. If you are a professional marketer trying to persuade your boss then email marketing is worth investing in or new to the industry and deciding where to start first, I have got your back, I have got the perfect piece through which you can increase open rate. If you're looking to perfect your email communication to your employees, check out ContactMonkey's email newsletter guide

Did you know? Email’s average ROI is 28.5% compared to 7% for direct mail. (Chief Marketer)

But before getting into the email writing tips, let me give you a tip to enhance your customer support. The Live Chat support, helps in providing sublime customer support. With live chat, you can optimize customer experience, provide real-time connectivity, gain maximum revenue, & handle excessive sales.

Let’s get back to the pro tips of email writing which would lead to the 100% open rate.

Tip 01: Write A Kickass Subject Line

Take a moment to write a subject line that explains the content accurately before you click "send", giving your reader a clear purpose for opening your post. An ambiguous or blank subject line is a lost chance for your reader to be told or persuaded.

Pro tip: your post is not the only one in the mailbox of your receiver. A simple subject line will assist a busy professional to determine that it is worth your correspondence.

Tip 02: Do Not Beat Around The Bush. STAY FOCUSED!

Before writing an email as yourself these questions;

  • Why are you writing?

  • Are you responding to a request?

  • Apologizing for an error on your part?

  • Asking for the recipient to take some action for you?

Once you have got the answer to these questions then next is to ace the field of email writing. There are 4 factors on which your email’s purpose will be based on.

  1. Purpose: examples of complaint and adaptation letters, proposal letters, progress notes, application letters, and so on will be included in every textbook on business and technical email writing. This shall include in the purpose.

  2. Directness: with "Dear Ms. Jones," you probably don't need to open, indulge in personal chit-chat, and close with "Yours Truly" (If you really want to be that formal, send a letter on paper instead).

  3. Organization: as soon as they have something to contribute, readers will always get partway through a complicated post, click "reply" and forget to read the remainder. That is human common nature.

  4. Politeness: do not forget to greet at the end. This makes your email presentable. 

Tip 03: Avoid Attachments

Instead of requiring your reader to download an attachment and open it in a separate program, if you just copy-paste the most significant part of the document into the body of your post, you will certainly get faster results.

Tip 04: Explain Your Brand Vividly

At times, many emails get unanswered because the writer has not introduced its brand or organization. It leaves a mark of doubt whether to reply or not. So, to avoid this doubt make sure you have given at least a one-liner introduction of your brand or product.

Tip 05: Be KIND!

If you are in a bad mood or do not want to hit the reply then just DON’T because there are chances of being rude or unkind to the message. As a result of which the recipient would not respond to the email and your main goal be left hanging somewhere to die.

Tip 06: Proofread. Do Not Take This Step For Granted

Although your spell checker won't catch every error, it will catch a few typos at the very least. Take an extra minute or two before you press "send" if you send a message that will be read by someone higher up on the command chain (a supervisor or professor, for example), or if you are about to mass-mail hundreds or thousands of people. In order to see if it really makes sense, show a draft to a close associate.

Tip 07: Privacy Should Not Be Invaded

A good motto: compliment in public, and criticize in private. In the break room, do not send something by email that you would not like posted with your name attached.

It is not safe to email. Much as random pedestrians might reach into a physical mailbox and intercept envelopes, any and all email messages in your work account would probably be read by a curious hacker, a sinister suspect, and your IT department myenvoyair.

And TBH it does not look professional to invade privacy or compliment via emails.

Tip 08: Do Not Mix Up Formal and Informal Tones

When you are writing an email to a close friend or a close colleague then using smiley “:)” or using abbreviations like LOL, OK, WOW seems fine. But where there is a formal email do not be too humorous, this will directly impact your status and ends up increasing bounce rates.

Tip 09: Respond Promptly and Show Respect

When you receive an email there is a possibility that the person is on the email portal for that moment, so if you would reply promptly and politely there is a chance to get a reply back at a 100% rate.

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