Tuesday, December 5, 2023
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9 Free Tools to Help You Start A Business

Starting a business is a daunting task for anyone. And while it can also be very costly, you don't have to waste money on things you can get for free without sacrificing quality. The following tools will not only save you time and money, but they will make starting your business much easier.


One of the first things a business needs is a logo because it's essential to branding. But logos can be expensive and can take time to create. With free logos, you quickly build logo so you can start creating content such as flyers, business cards, social media content, etc. A free logo maker is great if you can't afford a professional one and depending on your niche, it might be all you need.


Optimizely is the leading experimentation platform because of their knowledge of A/B Split testing Split testing is an invaluable way to optimize your marketing and advertising efforts. Split tests save time by allowing businesses to make data-informed decisions. Instead of using one landing page, you can set two different ones and see what works best. Research shows that 71% of businesses run at least two tests every month.


Keyword research is very important to digital marketing. Ubersuggest allows you to accurately determine the keywords that will drive the most traffic and convert the best. Research indicates 61% of marketers want to improve SEO and grow their organic presence. UberSuggest allows you to effectively research keywords, even those of your competitors.

Google Analytics

You need a way to track traffic, traffic sources, online session length, bounce rates, and many other metrics, not to mention all of the detailed ways you can filter each metric. From there, you can optimize for traffic sources that cause conversions, instead of just trying to boost overall traffic.


Email marketing campaigns can help turn your new customers into returning customers. Over 80% of SMBs rely on email marketing to acquire and retain customers. MailChimp is one of the best ones, but not because it's free. They provide much more than just customizable opt-in forms. You can send targeted emails, blast emails, and allows businesses to automate tasks. MailChimp can be integrated into Google Analytics.


Canva allows a business to easily customize banners, infographics, social media ads and posts, book covers, blog banners, presentations, resumes, flyers, and more. You can select from many free layouts, templates and free photos or create your own visual content from scratch. This is a great tool for expert graphic designers as well as novices on a budget.


Linkedin SlideShare is a hosting service which allows businesses to host and share slideshow presentations, videos, documents, and infographics. This makes SlideShare a great way to promote their content for more visibility. You can easily sign up with your Linkedin or Facebook account too.


HootSuite automated social media posting. management tool. In today's digital age, companies cannot ignore the value of social media activity. HootSuite allows businesses to easily schedule posts in advance for up to three different social media platforms. It also tracks analytics and the best part is that they have a plethora of free social media courses, so you will know what to post and when.


URL shorteners allow you to create social media posts without having to place a long link. Short links are more visually pleasing. Platforms such as Twitter limit the number of characters you can put in a tweet. Bitly not only shortens your links, but it allows you to get them customized names. And you can track the activity of your links.


To get the most of these tools, make sure you're following their advice. If you want to get started on the right foot, you not only need the proper tools, but you must also effectively utilize them. While they will make your life easier and are easy to understand and use, you must take them all seriously can spend time making adjustments when needed.

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