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9 Reasons to Run a Business Blog


From a business perspective, there are many reasons to run a business blog, such as an employee blog, a CEO Blog, and a brand blog. However, how and why you blog will depend on what you want to gain from running your blog.


Blogs are similar to communication channels such as video, print, and audio in that they show something, but the fact that continuous conversations take place in interactive communication with other bloggers is a characteristic that makes you feel the beauty of Blogging.

Now, let's summarize 9 reasons why you should run a business blog Top free books.

1. Become an expert

Position yourself and your company as idea leaders within the industry. Jonathan Schwartz, CEO of Sun Microsystems, is a leading CEO Blogger. Through the operation of Jonathan's Blog, Schwartz has posted weekly posts on the industry in which the company belongs and a variety of topics facing the entire company, strengthening the company's brand that has failed in the industry, and positioning itself as an industry expert have. Steve Rubel, a leading American power blogger, has positioned himself as an industry expert through active blogging, and through such efforts, he has been scouted from a small and medium-sized PR company to Edelman's senior vice president, a global PR company. Many marketing and PR-related bloggers in North America and Europe can be seen constantly working hard to position themselves as industry experts through active blogging even some sites that pay to write for them.

2. Personalize customer relationships

In forums where sales are not your primary purpose, you develop more personal relationships with customers. Blogs are a quick way to engage in customer discussions, provide advice and information, or receive feedback. When blogs are actively operated, the number of postings on major keywords in the industry increases, and the possibility of accessing potential customers through search for related keywords increases. If related experts share a lot of their know-how through blogs, customers' trust in related experts will increase, and the likelihood of successful business success will increase through the related verification process.

3. Provides an environment of trust when there is good news or bad news.

By opening and running a blog that meets the public, companies can build trust relationships with customers as a Remote Leadership. When there is good news in the company, customers will ask bloggers who are already building trust as to how to interpret it. And when there is bad news, trust that has already been established with customer’s acts as a better risk management tool than anything else. Crisis management communication case using social media (CEO Blog & YouTube) posted on February 23rd – As can be seen from the JetBlue case, companies now need to use new media more actively in the crisis management communication situation do.

4. Improving Media Relations

man in gray shirt leaning on table with headphones facing another man leaning on table with headboard

It is the dream of every PR consultant to create a channel where the media regularly checks what news the company has, rather than passively and sometimes indifferently receiving press releases. If reporters subscribe to the press release RSS of the client's homepage instead of completing the client's press release once, work can be improved with a pull-type activity rather than a push-type activity. In addition, if blogs are actively operated, the relationship between reporters and PR practitioners can be improved from the relationship between bloggers to bloggers and active discussions and opinions on industry issues from a more equal position. 

5. Promote internal collaboration using a Blog

As a workspace, project members can update each other's progress without writing reports or searching emails. Google uses its own blogging product,, to open and manage hundreds of internal blogs. Among these internal blogs, many are used for project collaboration, but others are used for social activities in the workplace, such as selling remaining concert tickets or finding a sports activity partner after work, and some are used for PR, quality control, advertising departments, etc. It is also expanding to the public domain, such as blogs for people. 

6. Strengthen knowledge management

There are two benefits to using a blog. First, blogs are an easy way to find information and resources that readers want or need. Because of these obvious benefits, blogs are used internally by several organizations. Another advantage is that blogs act like a kind of ‘small college' for bloggers. Because blog posts create conversations that develop and share knowledge. Blogging is like community training. Sun Microsystems has launched a master blog that contains the thoughts of its employees, which serves as a knowledge management tool within the company. 

7. Improve talent hiring

When a company builds its reputation as an idea leader through blogging, it will attract industry attention. People in the industry will read and discuss your post. If that happens, you'll likely see the company as an attractive workplace. In mid-February 2007, NCsoft's OpenMarus Studio introduced the company's vision and talent through its own corporate blog through Google, Apple, and Manga Slam Dunk. It is getting a good response from the game industry. 

8. Test your idea or product

Blogs are informal. Blogs are part of a conversation where people can comment frequently, and blogs can provide a valuation. Post your idea and see if people are interested. Do people link to the post? What is their opinion? In a more proactive way, companies invite influential bloggers and offer them opportunities to test their products, and many domestic companies have also begun to actively engage in related activities. 

9. Increase the search ranking of search engines

Search engines such as Google frequently update and link to other sites, and above all, give high scores to sites to which other sites have many links. After opening a blog on a general corporate website, if there is a steady posting on various keywords, the search ranking of the related website will rise differently every day, and it is highly likely that the company's products and services will be exposed to target customers through the related process.



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