9 Reasons Why Starting A Blog Is Crucial For Online Businesses


In this era where so many businesses are going online and digital entrepreneurs are sprouting up every day from all corners of the globe, everything is done digitally. Blogging is one of those things that is often a necessity when a business goes digital. It is a crucial part of running a digital business and any business which owns a website simply must have a blog. Mastering the art of blogging is a hugely attractive skill for an increasing number of digital entrepreneurs.

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Here are a few reasons why blogging is perhaps best business model for digital entrepreneurs worldwide.

1.   Boosts Search Engine Traffic

Blogging drives traffic to your business website and as a digital entrepreneur, there is no better feeling than the one where you experience huge waves of traffic to your site. When your page ranks among the top on the search results, visibility increases, money begins trickling in, in the form of sales, ads and even sponsorships or investors. Every new page published is like a sounding horn telling the whole world that your business exists and that they should come to find it. You get to increase the chances of your target audience finding you and you increase your chances of ranking highly with various keywords.

2.   Adds a Human Touch To Your brand

Most businesses open the official page for their businesses but one thing lacks in these all-crisp and professional looking pages of the main site. What is lacking is the personal side of the digital business. This is where blogging comes in. Blogging gives online businesses an opportunity to express issues or concerns of interest to the target audience. It is also an opportunity to show potential customers just how passionate you are about certain things. The blog posts offer that great opportunity to let your voice be heard, share the human aspect of the business and build trust, in the end, increasing the brand's likeability levels in the market. This is how digital entrepreneurs make their businesses become relevant in a competitive market. 

3.   Boosts social media campaigns

One effective way of keeping social media activities active is through access to unique, informative and high-quality content. Sharing other people’s content is still effective but not as effective as directing leads to your site through your own original content.  Sharing unique blog posts on social media results in more traffic on your own site. Besides blog posts provide content for newsletters which are also a very effective online marketing option.


4.    Makes you an authority in your industry.

Having a blog and posting content relevant to your industry is another way of establishing your brand as an expert in your industry.  The more you establish yourself as an authority in your industry, the more trust your target audience gains.  This will make them buy your products or services because they trust you as an industry expert. 

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5.   Increases Conversion rates

When you regularly post on your blog, you are telling your target audience that your business is in full operation and on the go. Regular posts help in the building of brand loyalty and further increases the conversion rates. There is no doubt that digital entrepreneurs who prioritize their blogging activities increase their income compare to businesses who don't.

6.   Key in Inbound link generation

As a digital business, you can say that you have achieved a great milestone in SEO when you attract authoritative links to your official website. Minus a blog, it can really be difficult to attract such links. Authoritative links to your site will immediately drive traffic to it and increase conversions. This is exactly what every digital entrepreneur dreams of when they set up their official site.

7.   Better ranking for long-tail search queries.

Any site minus a blog will take years to successfully rank for business-specific keywords. Content is the best way to rank for certain long-tail queries. The more content you add the better you rank with the long-tail searches. Better rankings, of course, equal to conversions which mean profits and successful digital business in the end. 

8.   Increases Lead Generation

The more pages your blog has the more leads it will get which is why you should be blogging regularly as a digital entrepreneur. More content means more form submissions, more email subscribers, more requests and the most important thing, more sales which are necessary for growth.

9.   Provides a platform for discussion

Blogging offers businesses a great platform to connect with their target audience and current customers through a two-way conversation.  This gives the impression that you are trustworthy and open to comments, feedback, and criticisms. You will also get to learn what your customers think and eventually work on improving your products or services to best suit their needs. With such an attitude there is no doubt that you will be in business for a long time.

Most search engines especially a major one like Google usually like to see fresh content, especially one that is hot news or trending uploaded. This makes your blog relevant with the search engines and in return giving your business the great exposure that it needs. With such exposure, the digital entrepreneur has automatically set their business apart from its competitors. When blogging is done right as a digital entrepreneur, you can give seasoned online entrepreneurs a run for their money. This is why blogging is no doubt the best business model for digital entrepreneurs.

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