9 Safety Measures To Take While Travel During COVID 19


The entire world is struggling with Coronavirus. And, it is time to accept the pandemic and live it with while taking all the precautions. While a sanitizer, hand gloves, and face mask are mandatory, you should also research your traveling location. Make sure the area is safe. Here we enlisted some of the significant essential points that you need to remember while traveling.

Safety Tips to Follow While Traveling During COVID 19

  • Check your Health 

It must be the first and most vital step to take. Ensure that your health conditions are good. This step is important because it may be possible that you are a virus carrier and can affect many peoples. Even the patients that recovered from Coronavirusa and are now good with a health condition are likely to get affected again. Also, if you are living in a hot spot zone, then avoid traveling in any case.

  • Carry Essentials

Walking out without safety essentials can be the most dangerous thing one can do. Always wear a mask while walking out of your house. After that, carry an alcohol-based hand sanitizer, or you can also use alcohol wipes. Try not to touch your face again and again and do not touch anything until needed. Even after the use of wipes or any other product, ensure to dispose of it carefully.

  • Travel Safely

If you need to travel to your local area for office works, try to use your vehicles. In case you do not have a vehicle, you can use online services for that. Various platforms like Rapido claim to offer safe rides to their customers with all possible precautions. If you are a frequent traveler, then this online bike aggregator is the best option for you. You can even use Rapido coupons to save on your ride bookings.

  • Avoid Visiting Public Places

Indian people usually form public gatherings for evening and morning rituals. Try to avoid such gatherings because the virus is contagious and can be spread easily. It comes under the maintenance of social distancing. And due to some reason you have to visit such places then avoid touching. Try to keep yourself away from people; it is the only way not to get affected.

  • Do Not Buy Street Food

It is impossible to live without street food, but it is the best way to stop spreading the virus. You need to avoid such places and don’t eat food outside of your house. And if you want to eat, then check for all safety measures that must be taken by the vendor. For such small vendors, it is not quite possible to maintain hygiene properly. Until the situation is not in control, try to avoid such foods.

  • Clean your Surrounding

Whenever you sit in any public place, clean it before sitting. For that, you can use disinfectant wipes or spray sanitizer. Clean all the areas that you may touch while sitting in the place. It is because public places are the most dangerous places where you can easily get infected. However, if possible, then try to avoid sitting or standing in such places.

  • If You Have To Travel Outside Carry your Medical History

You need to have all your health-related documents if you have to travel outside of your city. In many places, you need to prove that you are healthy enough to travel. For such verification, your medical history is your best friend. Also, your medical history helps you to understand your health conditions.

  • Don’t Go Out If You Are Sick

It may be possible that you are a silent carrier of the virus. Avoid going out if you are feeling sick. It is highly possible that you can easily get affected if you are sick because of weak immunity power. Consult your doctor as soon as possible before the situation gets worse.

  • Grab A Window Seat

If you are traveling on public transport, then try to sit on a window seat. According to research, people sitting in the window, seats are less likely to get affected. With this, the risk of indirect transmission of the virus is also reduced. So if you have to travel then try to get a window seat.


Coronavirus is a contagious virus, and to keep yourself safe from this; you need to follow these precautions. Also, if you can avoid traveling in such a pandemic, then avoid it because it is the only way to ensure your safety. Whenever you step outside your home, remember all the safety guidelines given by WHO and the Indian government.