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9 Signage Tips A Retailer Not Afford To Ignore


Signage is very important in any business especially a retail one.  Signage should be at the front when you are creating a window display or a product display.  An invaluable retail signage tells customers what or why they are looking at a selection of merchandise.

  • Headlines Are Important -A great retail sign has to capture your customers interest enough to read it. Another example of this is when you send an email with a great subject line and this alone will get someone to open it.  A great headline in a newspaper gets the customer to read it or a great magazine cover makes the customer want to buy it.
  • Concise Message -Clear font characters without multiple colours and swirly lines mean the customer can read it concisely and clearly. If your customers cannot read it, they will move on to another retailer.
  • Create A Need - Customers will buy when they start visualizing themselves using the product you are trying to sell. One way to help them is to incorporate words such as you or yours.  This small change will make a huge difference.
  • Less is still more - Make your signage short and catchy so your customers can read it quickly but do not forget it. Edit anything you have ready for your signage, so the meaning remains,  and the babble is cut out.
  • Digital Signage -Digital screens positioned within stores for retail can do more than just look nice they can also be invaluable too. Digital signage is a great way to show customers the product out in a real world environment.
  • Directional Signage – According to Jamie from Dock Street Signs “Directional signage should be used in retail places. If you walk into a grocery store you see signs showing you the different departments, where to find the toilets etc. “ This makes the shopping experience much easier for your customers and ensures they will stick around to get everything they need, which means more sales for the retailer.
  • Sales And Offers - Even if you don’t have a major promotion running in your shop, you should still find a way to always highlight at least one deal. This kind of signage will tell customers they are getting a good deal and therefore persuade them to make a purchase.  So, it is very important to include these kinds of signs within your retail space.
  • PavementSigns - Depending on your location it may be helpful to also have signs placed outside the entrance of your store. This is your chance to entice people to walk in from the pavement.  Change this type of signage frequently so you can keep customers updated about new deals, products and special events you may hold.  You can make this signage personal to your brand.  As this will be the first thing your customer will see as they approach your store you want to make a good lasting impression on them.
  • Create A Buzz -Every retailer should have at least one sign that creates a buzz and sense of urgency, so the customer knows they have to act fast in order to take advantage of the offer. This will draw attention to the product you have on display and encourage customers to buy it.
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