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9 Ways to Keep a Craft Space Organized

You have effectively organized everything in your apartment except for your craft space. Having gotten into arts and crafts recently, you're not sure the best way to store everything. 


Since you're a beginning crafter, there are so many supplies you didn't anticipate storing.


So, where is everything supposed to go? 


If this sounds like you, you’re in luck. We’re going to discuss nine ways to organize your craft space.


Even though you have a gazillion supplies doesn't mean you can’t figure out a way to store everything. It doesn't matter if you're a crafting newbie or an extraordinaire; if you put your mind to it, anything is possible! 


You're going to love the convenience of being able to find what you need, all thanks to your nifty new layout! 


1. Use a Closet Space for Storage 


If you have a spare closet in your apartment, consider using it as your craft space.


With a few shelves and a small desk, you can fit your entire work area into a closet.


If you’re looking for some good shelves, sites like The Container Store sell shelving systems that are perfect for crafters.


You can buy items such as drawer units and stackable plastic storage bins. Both will make storing your crafting supplies easy peasy. 


2. Use Your Door Space


While setting up your closet for storage, don't forget about the door. 


Behind the door, you can set up wire shelves. Or, you can use something as simple as a shoe holder as an organizer.


Behind each door, you can hold all sorts of supplies, such as wrapping paper and tape. 


And, you can organize your supplies further by placing smaller items, such as paper clips and sewing supplies, in jars (more on this soon). 


Be resourceful with the space you have and find a spot for everything! 


3. Reuse a Jewelry Holder 


If you have a wood jewelry holder you're not using, repurpose it!


Use it in your craft area to store ribbon, tape, and washi. It may or may not fit in the closet. If it doesn't go well in the closet, display it in your office area.


With your roll-based supplies on a jewelry holder, you’ll always know where to find them!


4. Store Small Items in Jars


It's hard to know where to put small items like buttons and thumbtacks. That's where clear jars come in handy. They're perfect for storing all sorts of supplies.


It's also ideal having clear jars as you can see what's inside each one. 


If you're unable to get clear jars, you can always label the outside of a colored jar, so you know what's inside.


5. Hang a Pegboard


If you prefer to have your craft area in your home office, hang a pegboard above your desk.


A pegboard is perfect for attaching mini shelves that’ll hold tape and more. 


Another option is to put a pegboard in your closet. With a few pegboard hooks, you can organize anything you need.


These boards also make great vision boards. Just hang a few framed photos, a calendar, and a whiteboard for your to-do list. Then, you can organize your supplies next to them.


Not only will the area look put together, but it’ll look stylish, too! 


6. Make Your Work Space Inspiring


Add elements that inspire you to use your workspace. If your craft zone is out in the open, that gives you more liberty to display inspirational items. 


Examples of items that may inspire you are: 


  • Washi tape with inspirational words such as “Hope” 

  • A small art print with a positive quote

  • Stamps that make you smile, such as one with a rainbow

  • Decorative boxes with an inspiring quote or a happy pattern


Infuse your craft area with positivity. If you do, you’ll feel more motivated to create to your heart’s content (and to keep everything organized).


And, if everything is in its proper place, that means you’ll be able to see the items that uplift you. So work hard to keep things in order!


7. Get a Portable File Storage Box


You can put all sorts of things in a portable file storage box


Sort your paper, stickers, and other supplies, then arrange them in your box for easy accessibility. 


If you have tons of paper, get a box just for that. The same goes for any other supplies that you have a ton of.


8. Use a Bin to Organize Ribbon


If you have a lot of ribbon, get a slotted Tupperware bin. You can mount some rods to the inside of your bin for ribbon storage.


By leaving the end of each spool dangling out of a slot, you’ll have easy access to your ribbon. All you have to do is pull out the amount you need and snip it with scissors. Ta-da!


Using this system is a convenient way to store and retrieve ribbon whenever you need it. 


9. Store Supplies in a Rolling Cart


Having a rolling cart makes it easy to take your craft supplies with you anywhere in the apartment.


You can put all sorts of things in the cart, from yarn to scissors. 


If you feel like watching your favorite TV show while working on a craft project, roll your cart over to the sofa. Wherever you go, the cart can follow. 


You never have to be without your craft supplies, thanks to your portable cart. Hey, they even make carts for crocheting! 

In Conclusion


Organizing your craft space has many benefits beyond keeping things tidy. It can motivate you to be more creative both in crafting and in life. 


Organize your supplies, and you'll be more likely to spend time on projects that make you smile. After all, if you can’t find your supplies, you probably won’t work on any projects.


Crafting the day away is both therapeutic and fun. So, get to organizing so that you can start creating!


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