Stainless Steel Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger

Stainless Steel

copper heat exchanger is a mechanical device that is used sometimes for the tubes, which cause more heat in the processes that are indulged in. But aluminum is more common today; copper was used widely when it was available cheaper in the market. Stainless steel heat exchangers are much lesser in number, in fact, lesser than the copper and aluminum, but these do not conduct, hold or transfer much heat like stainless steel. The type of material that is used in the machine for the process of cooling is solely influenced by the type of liquid or gas being heated or being cooled.

It the medium of the coolant is salt water then naval bronze or Monel metal is used often. If the temperature of the heat is too high then, stainless steel it will be a good choice, because stainless steel has the capability of handling the high temperature of heat, which is the best solution to handle the problem of corrosion. But mainly stainless steels are used to conduct or to reduce the heat as they are cheaper compared to other metals like copper. These stainless steel heat exchangers are widely used in the production factories and many other plants as they are very efficient, robust, and can bear the heat to an extent as a result of the high productivity. To achieve lower pressure drops and to cut the energy cost drastically these types are widely used.

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