Saturday, September 30, 2023
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A Basic Checklist to Improve the EPC Rating of a Commercial Property

People are becoming more and more aware of the importance of investing in energy efficient practices. The commercial buildings have high energy consumption. It not just leads to high utility bills and maintenance rate but also puts a strain on the environment. Getting the commercial EPC in London helps in coming up ways to improve the efficiency of the building and increase its EPC rating. It helps the landlord and the environment.

The commercial properties can take measures to lower the energy consumption, conserve resources and as a result save money on energy bills. They are also doing a great favor to the environment. Small changes can make a huge difference. Here is a basic checklist that allows creating an energy efficient property with a high EPC rating.

1.) The Heating and Air-Conditioning:

The heating and cooling system is an important part of the commercial building as they make it habitable and comfortable. But these systems are high consumers of electricity. If you want to bring down the energy consumption of the property then you have to bring down the cost of heating and cooling systems.

Make sure that all HVAC ductwork and pipes are insulated. If the building has windows on the south side then you should open blinds during winter because it will bring in the heat from the sunlight. Programmable thermostats are always a great investment because they help in controlling the temperature. They are easy to operate. The HVAC system should be regularly maintained as it will improve the efficiency of the system and prevent it from breaking down. The property should be properly insulated and installing weather stripping on doors and window can make a huge difference in the energy consumption.

2.) Efficient Lighting:

Every building has lighting because without it the property is not fit to live. You can save a lot of money on energy bills by installing energy efficient bulbs. You can also save money with a few energy efficient practices.

Make sure that the lights are switched off when you leave the building. Make sure that you make the best use of natural lighting. Technologies such as motion sensors or dimmers are also effective in lowering energy consumption. Installing task lighting in the room is a smart move as it will keep you from lighting up the whole room when you do not need to.

3.) Plumbing and Water Conservation:

The water heaters present in the building should be insulated. Install toilets that are low-flow. Make sure that all the plumbing fixtures in the property are working properly and there is no leakage. If you suspect or see any water leaks then you should take immediate action.

4.) High-Quality Office Equipment:

The equipment used in commercial property should be efficient so it does not consume too much energy. You should also train the building occupants to turn the equipment off when they leave the building. Always invest in equipment that is energy star rated. Small actions like using equipment on power saving mode can also lower the consumption considerably.

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