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A Beginner’s Guide to Use of Vacuum Cleaner Accessories

Vacuum Cleaner

A vacuum cleaner is a very useful appliance that saves time, energy and effort required to keep the house clean and dirt-free. It is a versatile appliance that is not just meant for cleaning floors or carpets. You can also use it for a variety of household cleaning needs if you have the right accessories. With the right attachments, even the best vacuum cleaner cannot reach its maximum potential.

There are some basic attachments that come along with it, but in addition to these, there are a few that you should purchase separately. There are many extra attachments available and you should buy them depending on your cleaning needs.

Vacuum Cleaner

Here’s a beginner’s guide to using vacuum cleaner accessories so that you can clean more efficiently by extracting the full potential of your machine.

Extension Wand

This is one of the most important accessories that help in reaching the extended areas. It is nothing but a hollow rigid tube, but without it, your reach remains limited. To access areas that are otherwise inaccessible by an ordinary vacuum cleaner, you need this. It also helps in linking other attachments.

Multi-Angle Brush

This single piece of accessory alone is capable of cleaning so many things. You can use it on wooden surfaces, to capture grime on blinds, sliding closet tracks and out-of-the-way crown mouldings. This convenient brush is designed in such a manner that it can be turned in any direction and hence the name multi-angle brush. It is made of soft bristles and can thus be used on delicate surfaces without any fear of damaging them. This is a very good and important accessory to have for a vacuum cleaner for home as it can be put into numerous tasks.

Ceiling Fan Attachment

One thing that requires to be cleaned at least once in one or two months are the ceiling fans and it’s really tough to clean them by climbing up a ladder. You have to balance yourself on it and then clean at the same time. Thus, a really useful attachment for vacuum cleaner for home is ceiling fan attachment so that you can stay on the ground and let it work. By attaching this to the extension wand of your vacuum cleaner, you can easily reach the fans and clean them. As it contains a bend at the end, you can reach out to every area of the ceiling fans and clean them properly. Even if this attachment does not come with your vacuum cleaner, you can purchase it separately.

Pet Tool

If you have pets at home, then this is a must-have accessory. With pets around, pet dander is a normal thing and to clean it is a big nuisance. You can use this attachment on your pets directly and collect all the hair that is about to fall while grooming them. It’s not harsh on pets. In fact, pets love it, but when using for the first time, your furry companion might get scared and thus you need to be patient till your pet gets used to it.

These are few of the many accessories that come quite handy while cleaning the home quickly and efficiently. It’s the attachments and the accessories that make your vacuum cleaner a complete machine and thus the best vacuum cleaner.

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