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A Brief to MilesWeb Reseller Hosting

What is a Reseller Hosting?

In reseller hosting an account, owner buys server space from a web hosting provider. Then he rents out a portion of the resources like bandwidth and disk space to other accounts for hosting their websites.

Here, the account owner acts like a web hosting provider to those hosting accounts. To simplify, reseller hosting allows you to create multiple accounts within your own hosting account. These multiple accounts have their individual disk space, email accounts, bandwidth and control panel. A reseller provider can manage all these sub-accounts through a single WHM panel.

In this article, we will talk about MilesWeb reseller hosting that provides several plans to meet the need of any freelancer, entrepreneur, web design/developer.

MilesWeb cheap reseller hosting offers various plans that serves the purpose of small designing agencies that build websites for their clients.

Why Choose MilesWeb Reseller Hosting?


Picking out the best and reliable web hosting provider is completely a difficult job. It becomes more difficult if you are searching for a reseller hosting provider and that's because your end user will directly be impacted. Also, once you choose your provider, there is no chance to keep on switching every now and then as it will definitely be a long term decision. Therefore, you need to be really careful while choosing your reseller provider.

We did some research and concluded that no other company is as reliable as MilesWeb. It meets all your needs for reseller hosting such as SSD storage, unlimited domains, unlimited bandwidth, WHM panel, WHMCS tool, excellent customer support and most importantly- price factor.

MilesWeb reseller hosting plans are affordable and have high performing memory caching that makes the web pages load faster. Also, they have pure SSD storage on their servers.  This collaboratively gives the finest performance of your website. Besides, MilesWeb promises an uptime of 99.95% and their technical team operates 24/7/365 to assist you with your queries at any given hour.

Key Features of MilesWeb Reseller Hosting

SSD storage

The data stored on MilesWeb servers is saved on SSD disks that use flash mechanism for this purpose. As a result, the performance of those websites that reside on this server will be faster.

White labeled hosting

In general terms, White label selling means to re-sell another company’s products or services under your own name. When it comes to hosting, white label hosting means reselling web hosting services of other web hosting provider with your own brand name and logo.

MilesWeb offers white labeled reseller hosting services so that you can integrate your own brand name and logo. Allowing you to re-sell web hosting as if it's your own web hosting service.

Web Host Manager

As an account owner, you will need to create cPanel accounts for your end users so that they can manage their hosting account on their own. They get the ability to manage their email accounts, domain, log in to an FTP account, manage directories etc. As the master admin, you are able to manage this all, as well as manage their login details, check server information and status, reset passwords, etc.

With MilesWeb reseller hosting, you get this WHM tool for free so that you can easily manage all your client’s hosting accounts from a single dashboard.

Free Domain Reseller

Besides hosting, you also get the provision to sell domains over 400 extensions and TLDs with your MilesWeb reseller account. This tool is fully customizable and it's easy to sell domains with this.

This domain reseller account comes incorporated with your reseller account, you are not charged any extra penny for this.

Free SSL certificate

All the websites hosted under MilesWeb server are secured with HTTPs. The reason is that MilesWeb offers free SSL certificate for all. Not only you, but your clients’ websites will also be secured by MilesWeb.

MilesWeb Reseller Hosting Plans and Pricing

The unlimited reseller hosting plan of MilesWeb starts at just AED 16.53 per month named as Entry plan of MilesWeb, followed by Smart and Plus plans. The price of the Smart plan is AED 23.14 month and Plus plan is AED 36.36 per month. The main difference between all these plans is that of storage space. Entry plan has 50 GB SSD disk space, Smart plan has 100 GB disk space and plus plan has 200GB storage.

1 1-BMH

Currently, these plans have a discount of 30% and if you want to avail this offer, then you need to use the code ‘Boss’.


Many of the business owners are searching for a feature-rich web hosting service at reasonable prices in addition to sufficient disk space, huge bandwidth, cPanel, email accounts, etc. If you chalk-down a proper plan, you can be their ideal web hosting provider. But this is possible only when you opt for a reliable web hosting provider. When it comes to reliability, MilesWeb is surely on top of the list. So, don't wait and grab this opportunity to become a MilesWeb reseller now.

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