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A Bucket Full of SEO Tools for 2020: Best 16 to Choose From!

A Bucket Full of SEO Tools for 2020: Best 16 to Choose From!

Indeed, SEO is one of the most important digital marketing procedures and getting pro at it might take some time. The world today is defined by everything digital and making money with online business requires sufficient web traffic whereas for organic traffic (the actual users, humans), you need to be really good with Google-friendly keyword strategies.

Whether conducting keyword research, auditing a website, doing competitive analysis or simply checking where you rank on Google, almost every process requires a good SEO tool. But choosing the best from the pool can be overwhelming so, here’s a list of 2020s most vaunted SEO tools to power up your website for the digital domain.

A free research tool for Google Keywords.  It quickly generates thousands of long-tail keyword suggestions and helpfully clusters the ideas into keyword groups that make good starting points for article ideas. SEO Scout is splendid.It has a wide range of prompts to generate keyword for research terms, comparisons, and questions.

1. SEMrush

Website owners, ecommerce entrepreneurs and digital marketers alike leverage best SEO strategies. It’s among a leading competitor analysis tool to help users evaluate competitors along with their content, allow users to get top-performing pages, content, keyword and accurate statistics. SEMrush is best for SEO, PPC, ad campaigns, backlinks, keyword research, SERP and much more.


Yet another powerful SEO tool in the market is the AHREFS having the best user interface and fastest web crawler. Used mostly to perform competitive analysis, backlink audits, URL rankings, keyword research, organic search report to analyse traffic of your competitor’s website. Above all, this particular tool can quickly crawl the web and data for a more substantial search engine boost. Some of the best Dubai digital agencies use this particular SEO tool to power up their digital campaigns.

3. Authority Labs

Setting up multiple website and optimising SEO campaigns just got better with Authority Labs; another powerful tool with a user-friendly interface. It also helps in acquiring geographic-based rank tracking to reach a more accurate and wider audience. Users gain an upper hand in the competitor’s market by tracking SEO campaigns and strategies.

4. SERPstat

Perhaps a one-stop solution for all essential SEO and digital marketing needs is, none other than SERPstat known best for SEO optimisation for content marketing and ad campaigns. The tool’s also capable for keyword and competitor research, PPC analysis and much more. The easy and user-friendly dashboard allow website owners to perform all basic to advance SEO procedures in a quick and uncomplex manner while keeping full track of competitors backlinks.

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5. Long Tail Pro

A powerful and detailed tool that let you do keyword research and explore the less competitive in order to make yours comparably stronger; Long Tail Pro helps with high-converting web traffic irrespective of the target niche. It also offers amazing keyword suggestions in bulk with a competitive score and highly preferred for beginners and corporate start-ups.

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6. SEObility

A powerful and all-in-one SEO software solution; SEObility constantly monitors a website which makes it easier to make it more competitive on the digital domain. With daily updates and link building tools, digital corporate entrepreneurs and website owners in improving their search engine rankings with ease. It’s ability to crawl all the website’s linked pages efficiently and highlighting potential issues like duplicate content, broken links so on let you improve your website in every way.

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7. SEOquake

Exceptionally powerful browser plugin and SEO tool for unlimited SEO metrics is none other than SEO quake. It’s quite handy when content marketing is a concern to quickly deliver detailed information against almost every website to exist online. It provides key metrics like number of external links, Alexa, Google and SEMrush rank and domain age.

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8. SEOptimer

Rather an easy and straightforward SEO audit tool to boost up page ranking; SEOptimer also performs exceptional on-and-offpage optimisation with powerful link building. The tool’s embeddable audit can generate a greater number of leads and website sales.

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9. LinkMiner

A highly efficient and effective backlink checker tool with a knack to sift out broken links is LinkMiner. It also provides information such as domain authority, Facebook likes, AHREFS backlinks, Moz and much more. The advanced backlink analysis boost link building opportunities by sifting out new ones for you.

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10. PitchBox

It’s time to streamline and automate your content marketing and influencer outreach strategy with an all-inclusive solution, PitchBox. Get in touch with potential bloggers, influencers and content marketers to build a stronger portfolio of credible backlinks. The tool also comes with predefined email templates to engage prospective leads.

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11. Google Search Console

When it comes to catapult a website’s Google ranking, nothing’s better than the official SEO tool itself known as Google Search Console previously recognised as Webmaster Tools. It can leverage a website in every way to make it Google-friendly by measuring the search traffic, fix the issues associated with sitemap and indexing, share multiple data points and suggestions and much more. When combined with Bing Webmaster Tool, you’ll surely have an unrivalled SEO strategy.

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12. Moz

From detailed website auditing to backlink analysis, rank tracking and keyword research, Moz is one tool to rule them all providing industry-grade metrics and effective webpage optimisation strategies. For more advanced features, you can go for MozPro and the MozBar browser extension.

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13. Ubersuggest

From the man himself! Developed by digital marketing guru; Neil Patel, Ubersuggest holds an unshakeable reputation among the online industry. It’s basically a free keyword research tool to find long-tail keywords and widens the content outreach.

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14. SpyFu

To identify highly profitable and market competitive keywords against those used by competitors, SpyFu is perhaps the best. It can even display every ad campaign managed by competitors as well as their organic searches. Some of the unignorable key features include PPC Ad Rank Tracking, Keyword Grouping, AdWord Advisor and Keyword Spy Tool.

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15. WooRank

Your search for automatic website review and SEO strategy tool ends with WooRank providing you tons of useful information to boost a website’s traffic, leads and sales. A perfect solution for everyone in the digital marketing domain, webmasters and leading web design agency surely leverage the tool for its undeniable features including keyword and sales tool, SEO strategy and performance monitoring, WooRank extension as a supplement.

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16. Fat Rank

To find out where a particular website ranks on the Google search engine, Fat Rank is rather an amazing Chrome extension to quickly download CSV reports from both the mobile application and Chrome extension. Key takeaways include unlimited keywords and domains, graph feature, PDF and CSV reporting and much more.

Now that we’ve the best SEO tools, choose carefully and enhance your SEO experience for the better.

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Danya Ayaz
Danya Ayaz is specializing Digital Marketer & lead gen specialist. She is obsessed with Marketing and experimenting new things in life. Combining the unthinkable is also sometimes reflected in her marketing efforts.
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