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A Buyer’s Guide to Purchasing a Hot Melt Glue Gun Kit


Glue Guns are today available for professionals, hobbyists. enthusiasts, and for industrial usage, in specifications that make the task easier while also providing for quality outcomes.


Hot Melt Glue Gun Buying Guide And Recommendations

The first glue guns (water-based) were launched in the1940s. But the new glue guns use the hot melt thermoplastic adhesive sticks. Competition within the manufacturers ensures that the glue gun price in India is low. Apart from craft and artworks, these powerful glue guns can also be used for carpentering, woodworking, labelling, packaging, construction work, furniture work, and in many other areas. The glue gun kits comprising of Glue guns, nozzles and the matching sticks are used by professionals and hobbies alike. When you want to purchase a new gun for your project, the options available to you can be classified into:

Low-Temperature Glue Gun- Operates at lower temperatures at around 121-degree Celsius, and can be used for the craft work and art projects. From a safety point of view, these guns proved to be a better option.

High-Temperature Glue Gun- This gun can melt the glue at 175-degree Celsius or even more, and can also be used for large volumes of work. They are especially preferred in the industrial project and works scenarios.

Hybrid Glue Guns- The glue guns have the temperature setting through which they can work at
both high as well as low temperature.

A glue gun also sells in the market by other classifications. For instance, the Specialty glue guns are good for craft work, while the industrial and professional glue guns have higher wattage or power capacities to melt the Glue at greater temperature. These more powerful glue guns also have a more robust built to work effectively for much longer hours. Keeping all these aspects in mind, here are some of the best glue guns available to you that have different kinds of specifications, and can be used at home or industrially.

Homeease HobbyStyle Glue Gun

The aesthetically pleasing glue gun has ample power to work efficiently for your art and craft projects. It comes with the quality PTC heater along with the silicon nozzle that can improve the quality of the work and also last much longer. The economic design ensures that you work comfortably at any DIY project as well. The gun comes in three different models including the 20-Watt, 40 Watt, and 60-Watt models. The Guns operate at a wide range of temperatures, from as low as 105-degree centigrade to 193-degree centigrade. Therefore, guns can be used at both low and high temperature settings.

Homeease Professional Glue Gun

The professionals can use this highly efficient glue gun for a wide range of projects including carpentering, packaging woodworking, and others. The Glue gun has very safe housing and better ergonomics that provide for reliable and long-term usage without fatigue. The gun operates perfectly at temperatures up to 193-degree centigrade for all the models. The three models of the gun have different power capacities and are available in the 80-Watt, 120 Watt, and 180-Watt options.

Homeease Heavy Duty Industrial Glue Gun

The gun consists of a high capacity heating system, which can sustain the longer operating hours. The glue gun specifically suits purposes and tasks including gluing of large surface areas, mounting, and others that are carried out industrially. Apart from better ergonomics, the glue gun also comes with a stand that can be used for reducing fatigue and for storing the gun in a secure way. The high-power models of the gun are available in Wattage capacities varying in between 400 Watt to 600 Watt. The gun can melt the glue sticks at a temperature of up to 230-degree centigrade or even more.

When you're looking for an answer to the question “how to use a glue gun”, apart from the knowledge you obtain from blogs and internet, it is also important to follow the package instructions that are provided by the manufacturer.

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