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A Career in Digital Marketing Ensures Work-Life Balance

A recent study by Ernst & Young revealed that working people are increasingly finding it difficult to balance work and personal life. The two biggest obstacles were found to be stagnant income growth and increasing work pressure. Fortunately, there are some careers that can get the credit of helping working people achieve an excellent work-life balance. 

According to Glassdoor’s list of the best jobs for work-life balance, demand for digital marketers is not only high but has proven to ensure a pleasant life in harmony with work. 

Getting Started In Online Digital Marketing
A career in digital marketing is a stepping stone to a wide range of career options while ensuring a perfect work-life balance.  There are many ways you can start career in Digital Marketing to name a few you can start with internship under freelance Digital Marketer or join and agency after your graduation also you can start learning through online materials available like free webinars or YouTube tutorials etc. But the most preferred one is learning through professionals at reputed institutes will help shape your career in right direction. There are a lot of Graduates from various discipline and Marketers who have completed digital marketing courses in Mumbai or digital marketing courses in Pune offered by professional institutes develop not only skills in problem-solving and analytical thinking but also gain expertise in integrating traditional advertising with various online marketing platforms. 

In recent times, marketing departments are successfully integrating traditional advertising with the company’s online platforms.  With the increasing availability of mobile devices, social networks, and the Internet of Things, digital marketing expertise is seeing an increase in demand to better connect with customers. This has led to a shortage of skilled marketers, revealing an increased demand for new digital marketing graduates. According to FlexJobs, marketing is among the top seven career options offering flexible work from home options for employees. The Glassdoor study reveals six digital marketing positions that offer the best  work-life balance.
Search Engine Optimization Manager
The job of an SEO manager is to use a well-crafted SEO strategy that leverages major search engines referrals so that the business pages land at the top of search results. SEO managers should have the expertise to handle analytical tools and be comfortable with detailed research. In many businesses, their responsibility also includes search engine marketing (SEM) and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. 

Social Media Manager
Every organization must have an effective social media strategy to reach a wider audience.  The mere presence of accounts on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter is not enough; it’s the social media managers who build an audience engagement with compelling social media marketing. The role of these managers includes developing carefully orchestrated marketing campaigns, connecting with potential customers, analyzing and evaluating results and bringing in necessary changes to strategy accordingly. By knowing audience taste, the place and time of their visit, social media managers can offer a slew of promotional opportunities on different social platforms.
Digital Marketing Manager
The job of a digital marketing manager is to formulate comprehensive online marketing strategies for small to Fortune 500 companies. They devise plans that include something of everything, like online advertising, social media, SEO, mobile marketing, email marketing, and more.  

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Marketing Analyst
The role of a digital marketing analyst is to track the success of the various digital marketing strategies. They are also involved in conducting market research and helping team members in developing data-driven digital strategies.

Marketing Assistant
Marketing assistant works with a marketing manager, providing support with tasks like writing campaign reports to help with events arrangement. The position is a good start for freshers in digital marketing in honing the various skillsets necessary to be successful as a digital marketing manager. 

Content Manager
Content marketing is about storytelling to reach new audiences through an organization’s online channels.  The role of a content manager is to ensure that all of a company’s online presence including social media platforms and other channels are regularly updated with newer content. Content managers work with writers, graphic designers, editorial assistants, photographers and videographers, all working together to create and distribute compelling business content. A content marketing strategy is developed considering the product and the audience through blog posts, ebooks, emails, and media like YouTube to downloadable assets.   

Digital Marketing Skills Needed to Succeed
A candidate should possess the following skills to succeed as a professional digital marketer: 

·        SEO

·        Social Media

·        Google Analytics

·        Digital Marketing

·        Content Marketing

·        PPC

The increased availability of marketing data means digital marketers now work more with metrics and analysis. However, to stay ahead of the curve, digital marketers need to develop the skill of combining numerical data with a unique creative spark. Digital managers have a big role to play in ensuring that their clients get the most of their marketing spend.
Other than making decisions based on data, marketers are also involved in devising effective strategies to excite attention, establish brand identity, and make strong emotional connections with the audience.
Making a Smooth Transition
While enrolling for Digital Marketing Courses, it is worthwhile to follow writers of business blogs, attend conferences and look for internships. It’s also important for digital marketers to have a strong presence on the different social media platforms.

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