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A Checklist to Enjoy Quick Approval of Title Pawn Macon Ga

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When you need immediate cash and are planning to get it via an application of Title Pawn Macon Ga, you need to be fully prepared. A person in an emergency often fails to keep some documents that are a must for getting quick approval of the loan. So, you should be fully prepared with all the documents when you leave your home. It’s good to make a checklist of things needed to get quick loan approval. Here are some must-have documents to keep with you when you are heading to a nearby car title pawn shop in Macon Ga.

Your Car Title

You must be the owner of a car to qualify for this loan. Are you an owner? If the answer is yes, then you need to keep your car title document with you. It’s proof of your car ownership. You can’t afford to forget this document at home as your whole loan process depends on it.

Why Do You Need to keep this document first? It’s the most important document on which your loan’s approval and disapproval are based on.  In case you don’t have a title on your name, it’s not easy for you to get this loan. Some people think that if they have titles on the name of their siblings or parents then they can obtain an auto title loan. The fact is that you can’t get loan approval unless you have a clear and lien-free title having your name on it. Another important thing you need to understand is that when you apply for this loan and it gets approved then your lender will put a lien on the title. You will sign a legal document named Power of Attorney in which you permit the lender to transfer your car’s title on his name.

Identity Proof

Usually, people keep an ID card in their wallets while traveling around. However, it’s common that people forget to hold it while they are in an emergency. So, make sure you check that your ID card is in your wallet, so you don’t have to drive back home only to get an ID. You can either get your state-issued ID card or driver’s license as both documents fulfill identity verifications' fundamental purpose.

Income Proof

Your lender is interested in your income. If you are an employed person, then your paystub will offer him that proof. However, if you run a business, then your income statement or bank statements are enough to make you qualify for Title Pawn Macon Ga. What if you don’t have any job or business? You should be ready to showcase your social security benefits, pension benefits, severance pay, stock returns, etc. Although other kinds of income proof are acceptable yet not every lender accepts them. Before you gather all documents, you should clarify this detail from the customer service center of the loan provider. Ask them whether the company facilitates an unemployed person or not. This clarification will save you time. When you know that a particular company doesn’t offer a title loan to an unemployed person, then you search for the one that puts such offers on your table.

Insurance Proof

You may already have an insurance policy that works in most cases. However, when you plan to get a loan bigger than $2500, the lender asks you to sign up for full coverage auto insurance. The big amount comes along with the significant risk that he can alleviate through a comprehensive insurance policy.

Bank Account Details

It’s good to have a bank account, so when your application for a title Pawn Macon ga gets approved, your lender can make a direct deposit into your bank.  Some lenders can offer loans to people without a bank account, but it’s better to have one set in place for extra convenience.

An Extra Set of Car Keys

Some lenders require you to bring an extra set of car key copies to use those keys in case of any default risks. Other lenders don’t ask for it. So, you can get an idea of this requirement from the official website of a lender.


Finally, you have got a checklist that helps you better prepared for the application of Title Pawn Macon Ga. Ensure you keep all the documents with you when you are heading to the store, so you don’t have to go back home only to pick a document. Keep this checklist with you and next time you need emergency cash, start ticking its boxes, and it’s how you will get quick access to money without any inconvenience.

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