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A Color Guide to Swimsuit Styles

Dressing for the beach can be a daunting task, but not if you follow these simple guidelines. The swimsuit is the most important part of your beach wardrobe - it's what ultimately protects your delicate skin and what you need to feel confident. A few simple tips will help make that task easier!


Choose a patterned suit with small dots or one that has bigger dots near the top that taper off as they go down the body. This type of swimsuit will help you brighten up your day and not hide any insecurities.

High Necklines

For a less conservative look, try a low-cut swimsuit with a high neck, or one with two separate sections at the neck (like a halter). A higher neckline makes it easier to show off fair skin.

Plunging/White Color

When you want to show off your fit figure, choose the plunging/white color bathing suit style. It shows off your cleavage and every curve you have, making you look slimmer!

Solid Color

Solid, conservative colors are a must when you're looking to show more skin. This will help ensure that the focus is on your figure and not on anything else!

Bold Stripes

If you don't mind showing off... everything, go with bold stripes! The bigger the better, as long as they aren't too dark. These colors will help elongate your body to make it look leaner.

Unbelievably Bright Color

The bright color bathing suit style is reserved for the confident woman who doesn't mind being in the spotlight and likes to catch attention. The bold colors help you stand out from a crowd, giving confidence and a boost of style.

Tons of Floral

For the woman who wants to look more feminine, choose a suit with tons of floral. The more the merrier! Floral is a classic beach look for a reason - it accentuates your curves and makes sure you don't get lost in a crowd.

Reverse Solid Colors

This is where being daring really pays off! A reverse solid color is essentially an extra thin layer of string attached to the suit that matches the bottoms. It's not as common as it was in the 80s, but this trend will always work on you!


A scalloped design was inspired by a popular cocktail dress that features a scalloped bottom. The top of the bathing suit is simply cut straight, and the bottom has a scallop shape in the front to show off your legs. This is an incredible choice if you want to look feminine and match your partner's style (and who doesn't?).

Navy Blue

Navy blue is a common choice because it matches almost any color in your closet. It's also a color that will help you look slimmer! Just don't use a color that is too close to your skin tone or it will be harder to show off your body.


The multipurpose suit is the perfect choice for the girl who wants to change things up often. It features colors and patterns of the other styles - too much and you'll look tacky, but just enough for you to get the benefits of different styles in one suit.

Ethnic Print

Ethnic prints will help you look exotic. You might not be able to wear a revealing suit, but you can still stand out in a crowd.

Go With Your Hair Color

If you have darker hair, stick with jewel tones or pastels. If you have lighter hair color or highlights, go with bolder colors like teal and orange.

So there you have it! Simple advice from some of the most stylish women around that will give you the formula to follow when you pull out your swimsuit for the first time in years. If it feels right, then keep wearing it! If you’re looking for new swimsuit idea, check out Sea Level Swimwear.

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