A Complete Detailed Guide on The Russian Bear Dog You Are Deciding to Bring Home


Many must have heard about the dog version of a bear. While you cannot adopt a bear as a pet and bring to your home, but you can surely bring home the Russian Bear Dog, which is known to be a pet to many dog lovers. It is a giant dog breed with a great history. Getting a Caucasian shepherd dog can be challenging and not at all for a novice owner. There is much more beyond the handsome and fluffy appearance of this dog.

In this article, we have listed complete information you need to know about the Russian Bear Dog. 

Overview (history)

The actual name of this dog is Caucasian Ovcharka which means the Sheepdog of Caucasian. They belong to the mountainous regions of Armenia, Georgia, and Azerbaijan. They are usually used to guard dogs and protect livestock. They are 2500 years old and have a relation with the Tibetan Mastiff. They protect the livestock and herd from wild predators like bears and wolves. The Russian bear dog has received recognition from various kennel clubs like United kennel club, American Kennel Club, and federation Cynologique Internationale (FCI).

How do Russian bear dogs look? – Appearance

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Russian bear dog breed is known to be the Gentle Giants as it can scare away the predators with his broad body, visible muscles, and a massive build-up. It has the face broad like a bear having deep and dark oval-shaped eyes. It has either a black or brown muzzle taper to the nose with high triangular ears. The male species can grow up to 28 to 35 inches in height with a weight of around 110 to 220 pounds. The female species have 26 to 31 inches weighing 100 to 180 pounds. It can survive and work in the coldest region due to its thick double coat. The thick mane also works as the added protection layer. The outer layer of the double coat has long and coarse hair, and the inner one is smooth and short. They have different color coats like a brown, white, black, grey, tan, fawn, brindle (tricolored), and piebald (white markings).

Personality and temperament

The Russian Bear Dog is highly protective as they have a history of being guard dogs. They were specifically bred to look after the livestock and home the predators and intruders. They are very loyal towards their family and guardian but have huge trust issues with strangers.
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They can get aggressive and bark noisily even at the slightest disturbance that is not ordinary or usual to them. Russian Bear Dogs are known for their ferocious behavior and if not trained and socialized correctly can become uncontrollable. They are not hyperactive and at a time can be lethargic as well. It is mandatory to give them a daily walk, and else they are comfortable on their own as they are independent dogs.

Can Russian Bear Dogs become the right family pet?

Russian Bear Dogs are immensely loyal to their owners and create a strong bonding with the family. They always focus on protecting their owners and are perfect guard dogs for the family. You can get a highly skilled and trained family protection dog for sale for security.  However, sometimes children can get scared because of their huge size and strength. You must be very careful when you have a household with children because if children do not know the boundaries of a dog, they may poke and prod the dog continuously until he reacts. The dog will not be purposefully aggressive towards the member of the family; their size and strength can be intimidating to the children. They are not advised to be the first pet of the family with small children.

Training of The Russian Bear Dog

The Russian Bear dog breed has an above-average intelligence but is not always obedient. They are independent dogs as they are mostly left alone with the livestock for a whole day without the owner. You must be patient while training this dog as they are eager to please up to a point due to their independent nature. You will have to start the training as soon as you bring the Russian Bear Dog Puppy home. They can be challenging to train and become headstrong if you wait for the dog to get older. Get the puppy to be socialized early by taking them to a local puppy class. It will help them with the encounter of other dogs when they get older.

The basics aspects when training your dog stay is sit, wait, here, and lay down. But the most crucial element of training this bear dog is by making them walk on a leash. The stop and go training method will be significant here.

Exercise requirements

They must walk at least once a day so that they do not become overweight. They have an adequate capacity of going for long walks and hiking. It would be best if you always walked in front of the dog on a leash so that they realize you are the owner. They also love the games of fetch and chasing balls. A large and protective fenced yard is perfect for the activity.


The coat of the Russian Bear Dog depends upon their individuality. It is easy to maintain and brush regularly if the coat is of shorter length. For a longer coat, it is recommended to brush them 2-3 times a week to avoid the knotted hair. Warm baths and frequent brushing will help the old coat shed faster. It would be best if you regularly clipped the nails for preventing overgrowth and ears must be checked for wax build-up and debris to avoid the infection. The teeth must also be brushed 3-4 times a week.


It is vital to feed them a good diet to keep them happy and healthy. To avoid the upset stomach, the Russian Bear Dog Puppy must be given the same food as their breeder. As they are carnivores, they will need a fair amount of protein. The fatty acids and concentrated energy will keep their coats shiny and healthy. They must be fed twice a day in the morning and evening.

Common health problems

Some of the common health problems with Russian Bear dogs include

  • Elbow dysplasia

  • Hip dysplasia

  • Luxating patella

  • Cataracts

  • Obesity

  • Bloat/gastric torsion

Summing Up All

The Russian Bear dogs are the most loyal and protective, and obedient as well. They are bred to be guards and act as the perfect guard dogs for the family. They are extra-large and not suitable for apartment living as well as a family with children. With long hair and a double coat, they will need regular brushing. Take them for walks daily and keep them active with toys. In conclusion, Russian Bear Dog is an ideal dog for you if you are looking out for a large guard dog that will always love you. It is an ideal dog for you if you are looking out for a large guard dog that will always love you.