A Complete Guidance On Guest Blogging And Blogger Outreach


To build relationships, Domain authority using external links from various websites and to get exposure it is known as guest posting. When you write content for another company’s website and to grow your social media audience for all these acts guest blogging is used.

Whereas, to target an audience in large numbers and to reach out more and more audience blogger outreach is used. Both bloggers and businesses come together for this purpose of making new links around the globe. This whole process is called blogger outreach.

How do they differ from each other?

In guest blogging you create content for someone else’s website. The content you have written will be the highlight of a site. But the readers will be unaware of who has written the content.

But in a blogger outreach writer gets the recognition, your brand will get a promotion. People will notice  your writing and your posts. You will get a chance to make a connection with other bloggers of your industry.

Guidelines for guest blogging

  • Write accordingly to what the website is demanding.
  • Secondly but most importantly, you should know how to write an Email. Having politeness and creating mail in a proper manner is a plus point. Your name will be in first place after that the work you have done or published. Thirdly don't forget to flaunt some knowledge and at last a little pinch of friendly talk. Also remember to be responsive.
  • While writing a guest blog use headlines, subheadings and other tricks like using different point markers to highlight points every time. Write in a proper manner and show your fine tuned writing skills.

Guidelines for blogger outreach

If done in a proper manner it can attract a lot of traffic. Below are some of the ways of doing it:

  • Firstly, create a list of all the popu;ar blog posts you want. Create columns like Title, URL, blog comments on a spreadsheet.
  • Secondly, search for the influencer shared content and make a list.
  • Thirdly, create content on the same topic but show how and why you are better with your writing and blogging skills.

How guest blogging and blogger outreach are beneficial for us ?

The blogger outreach main benefit is that both bloggers and businesses can work together. Your work will get recognition and your brand will  be promoted. New audience and newer backlinks. Your every single post will be appreciated and more new traffic will hit your link every time.

In guest blogging you can build high domain authority, you can also build your credibility. It is most helpful in building your social media profile. Your awareness about the various brands will also be on a hike.

In the end both guest blogging and blogger outreach have their pros and cons, it is you who will be responsible for choosing the blogger so choose your blogger wisely and smartly. Be creative and do everything by keeping in mind that it will result in long term. Reach out to businesses and bloggers by every means possible and just keep on spreading your work. Remember that your unique skills will be your plus point.


Austin K is an blogger and influencer outreach expert at Megri Blogger Outreach Services in New York and London. He writes about the latest developments in digital marketing and focuses his efforts on innovating customized blogger outreach plans for brands, business and startups depending on the industry and competition. Also check: google full form