Tuesday, September 26, 2023
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A Complete Guide On Cleaning the Exhaust fans

Kitchen is not only the place where you cook but is also the place where you weave the awesome moments of your life with your beloved ones. However  it is important to keep the kitchen clean and tidy, otherwise an untidy kitchen area might not inspire you cook the way you always want to. Among the essential kitchen appliances, exhaust fans play a vital  role; it not only keeps a kitchen  smoke-free but also helps in eliminating any kind of stingy smell. However, as  an essential cleaning tool, it, too, requires regular maintenance and cleaning for proper functioning. What it does is  removes the grease and debris from the air during cooking and these particles gets stuck into the fan filter that degrades over time.

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It should be cleaned frequently else it may be quite dangerous and hamper one’s cooking. If the dirt particles are not cleaned up frequently, the  grease gets formed and may even lead to fire hazard. Cleaning the exhaust fans isn’t a laborious task and should be cleaned regularly. To ensure effective ventilation, once can use common household tricks to clean the greasy stains from fan filter and as a result,  it can greatly help in retaining the kitchen hygiene.

Few steps to efficiently clean the exhaust fans

  • Get yourself prepared:  Before you start cleaning the grease and other dirt particles, some sort of preparation is needed.  At first, you should turn off the switch of every electrical connection. L Also it is highly advised not to  touch the sticky grease with the bare hands; you can wear gloves and mask to avoid any kind of infection due to the contaminants in the exhaust fans. Generally, these fans are located at a bit higher position  And due to the height issue, you can take help of a ladder, dismantle it and start cleaning with the dirts.

  • Clear out the mesh:  The major dirt accumulates in the mesh filter of the fan. Open it up and pour boiling water over it. It would clear the sticky mess easily which makes the further cleaning process quite easier. After that, pour a mixture of ammonia and water over it and let it soak for at least an hour. Remove it and scrub it to remove the entire mess.

  • Don’t forget the Blades:   Fan blades even get stuck with dirt particles and grease which should be cleaned thoroughly as well. When dirt  gets accumulated in the blades, it makes it heavy and uneasy to run at the necessary speed. In a mixture of soap and water, you can add a half spoon of sodium phosphate or ammonia to it. Also, you should  wear rubber gloves and clean the exhaust fans while scrubbing it with the scrubber. If any strong grease is left, use a knife to clean it off.

  • Use scraper:  Scrapers should be used to efficiently clean those areas especially where the grease occupies the most.  With the help of a small steam cleaner, you can easily clear out the grease and then add a chemical to wipe out the leftover grease stains. At the end, you should never forget wiping  each element from inside to outside to make sure that each dust particle is cleaned.

  • Proper rinsing and drying:  Once the fans are  cleaned and wiped properly, you’ll need to rinse the blades  off with clean water. Then you can leave them for some moment so that not a single drop of water is left into the exhaust fans. Clean the area where the fans are installed and reinstall it. Make sure all parts are joined well else it may lead to an electrical malfunction.

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After re-installing the fans, operate it once would help you  check whether it functions appropriately or not. If it does not operate to your satisfaction, you might need to recheck whether all parts were  fixed properly or not. Although the process of cleaning is quite easier, however it is necessarily needed to follow up the above mentioned safety tips. Proper precautions should be taken to make sure cleaning is done appropriately, especially when you are using some harmful chemicals. Ensure efficient cleaning of the exhaustfans so that you never come across  any potential threats. .


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